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Questions about Magda

Making films is not just a simple case of writing a script, getting together a few camera angles and hey presto, you have made movies. It is always a lot more complex than that. As the preparations for the shoot of Great Brytania continues, I have been in communication with Marzenna Więcek (who plays the part of Magda) and have been answering her questions about the character. As the writer (and the director), it is me who has to create a mold so that Marzenna can fit into the character I want to portray on the screen. So below are some of the questions she asked, and my answers.

Next week, I will answer the final, most important Question about Magda:

What is Magda’s target? To Adapt?

To Survive, plain and simple.

What are Magda’s aims?

To get more drugs. She is hooked, and both the physical and more importantly, the psychological hold of the drug on Magda is, at the moment, unbreakable.

Is Gemma her first girlfriend? No. Magda is a lesbian, not bisexual. One of the reasons Magda left Poland was that she could not resolve the conflict between society and her sexuality. Running away to the ‘big city’ is a common phenomena amongst young gay/lesbian people seeking a more tolerant backdrop to their sexuality ten or twenty years ago.

Has Magda slept with guys before?

Yes. Magda experimented when she was younger, but was very uncomfortable sleeping with men. This is how she knows that she is fully lesbian rather than a lesbian identified bisexual.

Was she in love with some guy?


Has she had before some sexual experiences with any woman? Or with Gemma?

Yes, she has been sexually active with women both in Poland and London. Magda has had more female sexual partners while in London.

Is the relationship with Gemma more psychical / platonic love?

Magda and Gemma love each other. But obviously, Magda is quite sick, and Gemma has given birth recently, so their sex drive has diminished recently.

Does Magda want physical intimacy? Did the drugs not kill her sex drive?

Magda is as sexual as the next human being. The drugs both enhance and depress her appetite for sex. Obviously, the drugs have a major effect on her mentality, and the obtaining and consumption of drugs is Magda’s priority. But like anyone else, Magda wants sex with her girlfriend, Gemma.

When was her mother dead?

When Magda was a teenager. I would say around 14 years old.

How did Magda’s mother die?

Cancer, easy answer, difficult for the character to deal with.

How did the father deal with her death?

Badly. The major reason he drinks is that he has never been able to reconcile his grief.

Is she accusing the father because of that?

There is definitely resentment and anger directed towards her father. Grief is a complicated emotion, and while she does not blame her father for her mother’s death, their is anger (misdirected at the father) for why she had to go rather than him. Also, remember that the father does not accept Magda’s sexuality, which further adds tension to their relationship.

Is she accusing the mother?

Of course there is also anger towards the mother at why she had to die and leave her behind. As I have mentioned previously, grief is a complicated emotion. I will talk to Marzenna about this when I come to Poland.

Was the mother happy with the father? Yes.

Did M. talk with the mother about her sexual orientation?

No, that was not done in 1990’s Poland.

How the mother reacted on this?

While the mother might have suspected about Magda’s sexuality, to be honest, she died before Magda reached any form of sexual maturity.

Did the mother betray the father? Do You have suspicions about it?

No, they stayed married faithfully, with their ups and downs.

How was the mother treated by the father?

Like a Polish housewife. Remember, the mother would have died around the time of the early 1990’s, and socially, Poland was a very different place from now. Less divorce, more conservative family values. People stayed married for longer.

How long did Magda take drugs?

Petty drugs (alcohol and cannabis) would have started from mid-1990’s, when Magda was in her late teens. Heavier drugs, she would have encountered in London.

Did M. love someone before Gemma?

Of course. If Magda is in her thirties, then Gemma is not her first love.

Did she face any love disappointment before she was betrayed?

Yes. Her girlfriend in Poland probably betrayed her for a man. Remember, she looks at that photograph at the bus terminal, and is one more reason to leave Poland. Magda feels that Polish girls (when she was there in the 1990’s/early noughties) will eventually bow to society norms and ‘become’ heterosexual.

Did she hurt anyone?

I’m sure Magda is no angel, but Magda probably sees herself more as a victim, and that would be bound up in the grief of her mother’s death.

Is he afraid she can loose Gemma?

Yes and no. Magda is a bit older than Gemma, and part of her wants Gemma to have a better life without herself, the AIDS victim. But of course, if Gemma left Magda, she would be emotionally distraught. But remember, the problem with Magda (and Gemma) they love each other, but not themselves enough.

In which way the heroin made her emotionally wild?

Heroin in fact probably calms Magda down, makes her quite mellow. Crack Coccaine on the other hand will make her brave enough to laugh at Ritchie.

Does she have suicidal thoughts?

All the time.

Since when was Magda infected with HIV?

Okay, a bit of technicality here. The definition of AIDS is different from country to country. Here, in the UK, it is when the White Blood Cell count (the cells that attack bacteria and viruses) drops below a certain level. Now, while drugs can reverse this count upwards, in the UK, once you have been diagnosed with AIDS, you, cannot be undiagnosed and revert to HIV, even though your White Blood Cell count has risen to more ‘normal’ levels.

Magda got an infection, went to the local health clinic. A lot of outreach health workers are available in London to women working in the sex industry. They provide free (NHS) and of course, confidential help to all that visit them. Magda, while sick, would have got tested for HIV and was then found to be infected.

Now, to directly answer the question, Magda has probably had HIV for three to four years, but as she is bad with her medication (partly due to being a drug taker and so not having any concept of time, plus the fact that she really does not want to cure herself) means that Magda now has full blown AIDS. Remember, Magda’s cuts and sores are not healing.


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Online Banking and how life gets sensible…

I know this sounds so early noughties, but I am really getting used to online banking. I recently swapped my accounts and so at the moment I have a current (checking) account, savings account and a (dreaded) credit card all with one bank.

So before, my stuff was all over the place, now on one page, I can see every transaction, swap money from one account to the next and generally get on with my financial life without having to go to the bank.

I suppose the main reason I never did this before was that I had no faith in internet banking.

But the reality is that I do a lot of financial transactions online. My goodness, life is all online. Let me explain:

This year, some of my biggest expenditures have been holidays. in total, I will be taking six flights to Europe by the end of 2011. All of them booked online. Any hotels that I used while abroad were also booked online, in advance. Presents that have been bought have been done online, even spare parts for my motorbike were ordered online, my bike insurance, the tax disc for my car. So yeah, I spend lot of money online. Why not begin to manage it in the cloud too.

(The only thing I never really jumped into was internet dating. Tried it once, it felt too freaky so never again.)

So slowly, I have been coming round to sorting out my finances. A part of growing up I suppose. And a lot of it has been done, like now, in the wee hours of the morning, online, while waiting for a computer to render, or just before heading to sleep after arriving from work. Nothing really important I suppose, just like a number of people.

But in a few short years, I am happily spending and organising my financial life without the interaction of other people. Alone, and using my electric communication connection. A decade ago, this was a strange, new world. Untrusted, and unknown. Today, it is not quite a part of the social norm, but it is no longer that unusual. We have come a long way since the world portrayed in The Net.

I suppose it is the eventuality of choosing life. Growing up. Cash is king, sleep takes over and the world, the way you saw it becomes very different. No longer just living for the moment and reacting, but thinking, maybe I should plan this. Of course, the most famous quote I always use, Si quieres hacer reír a Dios, cuéntale tus planes could easily apply to this paragraph. Plans, thinking of the future, these are unpredictabilities. But who can resist the sheen of low fat, high fibre, tolerable cholesterol fad consumption? It begins with online banking, but it will get more sensible, life, my life. And is that a good thing, a bad thing, or just an inevitability?

I got to get some sleep. All this nerd/life talk has got me tired…I suppose that is what happens when you eventually grow up. The fatigue of it all…

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Brazil at the Emirates!

We in London are blessed wth a lot of (beautiful) nationalities. That means, whenever there is an international game to be played, odds on there are supporters of that country in this fair city of ours. Until there is a Sri Lanka vs Seychelles game (where my loyalties will be tied), I usually support the country with the best looking women. So last night when Brazil were playing Ireland at the (stunning) home of Arsenal F.C, I was a Brazilian fan. And so would you, my dear reader…

I love going to the Emirates, it is a beautiful stadium and the company is always fun. So too was the match. Although Brazil were sheer class, credit is due to Ireland who took the game to Brazil and did not aim to sit in defence. It was a good show by both teams and the crowd was friendly throughout. But the star was Rubinho, brilliant in every way and entertaining the crowd with his lighting quick feet, he sealed the win for Brazil, deservedly so. Commiserations Ireland, but you can hold your heads up high, you gave it a go, and you provided us with some thrills and spills for the evening.

So here’s to South Africa 2010!

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What a load of hot air!

Well, Copenhagen turned out to be exactly what was expected from it. A complete waste of time. Don’t believe the hype and realise that like Kyoto, the only people who won were the airline companies ferrying the delegates to and from the conference (in the greenhouse gas emitting aeroplanes).

So, what next? Well, if you’re in Bangladesh, the Maldives or the Pacific Islands, you have to realise that you’re just not that important. We in the West will continue to drive our cars to the newsagents. We’re just too lazy to walk. So, you guys will sink.

To those guys living in SubSaharan Africa, already an area filled with incompetence, don’t worry. Added to the chiefs who hold sway over your lives with AK-47’s, China will keep burning coal to keep its economy running. So you get the twin prods of mineral extraction and unreliable rainfall. If climate models are anything to go with, then this area is going to get really shafted. Unless you are the one holding the gun?

And what about us guys, here in the ‘developed world’? Well, everything will continue as normal. Denial, sorry, ‘more scientific proof’ will reign supreme, and life will seem pretty comfortable. After all, the Earth is fat and any rise in sea level will fall over the sides! All that education, and we’re no better than savages!

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Very thin on the ground, these blog posts are…

This blog has been shockingly thin on the ground this week, even more so as I have not posted anything for the last two days. So, what has taken up my time this week? Well, let me get straight into sharing with you all, exactly what I have been doing. Firstly, editing Jay and Kay Save the World like a madman. That has been my life for the past month, but this week, it has been shockingly intense. Next, working, far too many nights, but something needs to be done about my dire finances. I also went out for dinner, as a friend has decided to make it in Dubai. Obviously, he must have taken note of my blog post on the city. I was also hosting an event in East London, which was a hell of a lot of fun as well as a cultural eye opener. Oh, and I had to go to the launderette as our washing machine is buggered.

Next week promises to be just as busy 😉

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VlogsUp Video!

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Vlogging for the Spring

Me Vlog for the week.

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