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A busy month – you bet!


I do believe this has been the longest gap between blog posts since…forever, or something like that. I have seen a lot since then in the news. An American Yawn, a Chinese Yawn, Qatada and something in the Middle East.

Oh, and yes, I was in Poland for half that time with a lot of filming. In the can as they speak. Lots to edit, rewrite and pray for before heading off to the next bit next year.

And I did take a little saunter through Poland too. After all, it was a ‘working holiday’.

But enough of that, I think it is time to actually write a blog insead of talk about not writing one. Let me flex those fingers…


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3DS vs Gameboy – Modern and Retro Compared

I have two consoles. A twenty year old Gameboy and from this week, a 3DS. Both Nintendo handhelds. Now do not get me wrong, I am no Nintendo fanboy. Nintendo are famed for robustly built but notoriously underpowered consoles and I think this is a rip off for gamers. Usually, with each of their systems, there is a fundamental flaw with them. The Gameboy (vs the Sega Gamegear) was monochrome, not colour. The SNES had a slower processor than the Sega Megadrive, the N64 was cartridge based while the PS1 was disc based. Even the Wii is just a hyped up Gamecube, seriously underpowered compared to the other consoles in the current generation. Even the 3DS has a major flaw, its awful battery life.

But I love Nintendo’s cartoony games. Yes, I know not every gamer likes these, that some prefer the realistic games of the other systems, but I really do love cartoon fun! It entertains the child inside of me.

For some reason, since the earliest days of Game and Watch, Nintendo have dominated the handheld market. A phenomena that continues to this day, although its main rivals are no longer other Video Game manufacturers but Smartphones.

So, with my Ninteodo tirade over and done, let me compare the two handhelds that I own.


Similar and different. That is what I can say. Let us be honest, how much can you change a handheld console around. It has to have some sort of D-Pad, and some sort of buttons to press. Yes, there are more on the 3DS, but that is to be expected.

Game Format:

Again, similar and different. Nintendo still loves to use a cartridge based format for their games, but do remember that in the late 1980’s when the Gameboy was first released, this was revolutionary. It was the first mainstream handheld to feature this.

However, Nintendo are slowly embracing internet downloads for their games and there is also an App mentality to the 3DS’ design. But that come under…


The Gameboy has one screen. Monochrome. Without a backlight. Which means you could not play in bed as a kid, you needed a light source to see the damn screen. Plus, let us be honest, the graphics sucked.

However, the Gameboy is simple. Put in a cartrdige, switch on, play. Easy, quick and simple.

The 3DS is much more like a laptop. It boots up, it has a sleep mode. You can chose to play the game in the cartridge slot, or a game on the SD Card or you can take photos or make a nice cup of tea with it. Plus it has two screens, a 3-D screen and a touch screen. And yes, the 3DS is all very nice and lovely and the 3-D is amazing.

And complex if you are used to a one screen, one cartridge mentality.

Yes, as I have been away from the gaming world for that long, it is all still new and exciting for me…

Battery Life:

Portable systems depend on battery for their life source. As, they are…portable!

And the 3DS, well, sucks. Figure on charging the system daily. For someone that does not have a smartphone, this has come as a shock to me.

The four AA batteries on my Gameboy can go for eons before needing to be recharged. In one way, technology has taken one hell of a backwards step.

Build Quality:

The Gameboy screams toughness. Hell, I have dropped it a ton of times, and the bugger just does not die, despite the obvious scars that it has. Plus, at twenty years old, it still plays games. Let us be blunt here, do you have a twenty year old computer still in perfect working order after dropping the hell out of it?

The 3DS screams like a little child. A flip screen that you know could be snapped in one deft movement. Dainty buttons and a 3D slider that you know is asking to be broken.

I wonder if my 3DS will be playable in 20 years time. You know, the sad thing is that I reckon the Gameboy will still be playable in 2031. I do not know if I can say that with any confidence about my 3DS.


The Gameboy has an esrtablished reputation and still, very playable games (as can be evidenced by the amount of time I have spent on it this last year).

The 3DS started poorly, but now has four killer games (Zelda, Marioland 3D, Mariokart 7 and Starfox), plus it has the awesome back-catalogue of the DS (which is why I bought it, for access to those games). It looks like a promising 2012 as well for the system. This is one place where Nintendo have succeeded. Their software. Everyone knows it is games that make or break a gaming system, and so far, it looks like my 3DS has been a wise buy…


For a long time, I have resisted gaming systems, because of life being too busy. It is a reason why I do not have a Wii or PS3 or XBOX because of the time hassle. But, after finding my Gameboy in 2010 and playing like crazy on it, I have begun to appreciate and miss the gaming lifestyle.

As a result, when the price dropped, I made the jump back into gaming and got a 3DS. That portable ability, to pick up and stop playing at a moments notice is important for time. But also, it is a great way to spend some leisure time.

I am from the generation that grew up with games. They are fun to play, normal for us to use, and just like reading a book or watching the idiot box, a part and parcel of leisure time in the home.

I do have a laundry list of games that I want to buy, and with more disposable income than when I was a kid, in one year I may well own more games for my 3DS then I have for my Gameboy. Back in the day, it was a game at Christmas, and one for my birthday. That was it.

Now, it is a game when I feel like treating myself 🙂 Ad let the gaming fun commence…once my battery is recharged 😦

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You are what you eat

I am a bit of a foodie. A quick trawl through this website shows that on occasion I go nuts in the kitchen with a dodgy recipe or two. I find it therapeutic to cook. I do not know why, but I just do I know many people feel scare, even lost in the kitchen. I tell them, do not worry, to calm down.

Cooking, can be easy or hard, but it is up to the mentality of the person doing the cooking.

If the chef approaches cooking with a fun attitude, then no matter the result, the journey, rather than the destination will be enjoyed. And with practice, success will be found on the palette too. However, if the cook is stressed, not bothered or just plain panics while seeing lots of pots and pans and decides to clean the cooker top rather than observe the frying of the onions, then disaster ensues.

And there is a reason why I love cooking, it is simple. I love to eat. Well.

While I could live off junk food, for me it is an empty existence. And I do know all the best places to go in the world to get good street food. My holidays abroad abound with tales on he cheapest eateries that serve wholesome local fare. Why can’t every restaurant or street stall do this simple task, I do not know.

Yes, I love to eat. And I love to ea the food I like. If I cannot cook, them I am dependent on someone else. Plus, if I cannot cook, how can I be fussy (which is rare) about the food I eat? I would be hypocritical.

And there is another reason why I like to eat, well. I like to be strong.

I am in relatively good health for a man of my age. No infirmities, I can cycle regularly, I still have what may be termed a virile existence and I can go without sleep for long periods of time. I rarely get sick. I put this down to two things. One, my own aptitude. I do believe that a healthy mind is a healthy body. Not that my thoughts are healthy, quite the opposite, but I have an outlook which is get up and go.

The second is also what I eat. Everyday I will plough a huge amount of fruits and vegetables into me. I can safely say that I eat over 300 oranges, pears and apples every year. I probably eat close to 1,500 tomatoes every year and my banana, plum, berry, cucumber and carrot intake are also stratospherically high.

And yes, while I do like the occasional pig out and gorge on junk food days, the bulk of the time, I do steer towards more wholesome options. I do not diet, I do not believe in it. I do eat well, and often over the calorific intake that is recommended. But I make sure that my activities throughout the day balance that out. After all, why starve yourself the pleasure of endorphins and food?

And at this moment in time, I am grateful that I do eat well. It helps the body far more than I realised…


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Where have I been?

I completely apologise for my absence. I have been fine, but busy, very busy over the past week. Some of it has been good, and some has been bad. That is the way the cookie crimbles in thw world of El Director.

First let me get on with the great news. As many people who read this blog may note, the distribution of Irfan has been continuing with a fury not seen since the wrestling foundations changed their names. Irfan is in its first film festival, which is great news! We will be screened at the 7th Quest Europe film festival in Zielona Gora as part of the special screenings for jury members. Oh yes, I am gong to be a jury member at Quest Europe. Kind of freaky, it scares the hell out of me, but for some reason I am considered an expert in all things cinematic! But I just want to make musical comedies about flying milk bottles!

You can check out the hi-jinx that is Quest Europe – here!

Secondly, I have been involved in some corporate film work. Whether this will be a one off contract of the start of something bigger, I do not know. But it has been a really big project, and so that has taken over my life alongide the ‘real world’ in the past few weeks.

Thirdly, I have been looking into next year’s film projects and finishing the editing for Amigos Amigos. That is taking so long, but I will release a teaser trailer very soon to update on that particular project!

Normal blogging should resume next week! SHOULD!



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I am Very Evil

Charles, you are 92% Evil

You’re the most evil person you know.
The devil is even a little scared of you!

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The Comfort Zone

Feeling like life is going nowhere? Victim of the credit crunch? Just plain old sad? Well, you need comfort food!

Yes, sticky Banoffee Pie followed by a cold glass of milk. Mmm, feel the cholesterol levels kick in. And don’t worry about having a body for summer. For in England, there is no summer! So lard out and enjoy…

(Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the state of your own internal organs after ingesting this much sugar and fat. Except for the milk, and even then, lactose intolerance looms, there is no part of that picture that is good for you, except for the temporary increase in serotonin levels, mainly due to the ‘banana’ in the said food. Expect a big come down an hour after consuming this food. Not suitable for diabetics, or those recovering from illness. You have been warned, now EAT!)

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The ingredients behind CWP…

Over here on the CWP Blog we are going to spend the next week looking at what makes a good webisode:

Just like a cake, there are many ingredients to Caution Wet Paint. And over the next week I will share with you some of the assorted flavours that make up the steaming tasty buns that you can view all the time, whenever you want, right here…

Some are wonderful titbits, some tastes may have to be acquired. But just like marmite, it is irresistible. Unless, of course, you do not like marmite (FREAKS!)

So join the Blog Net Award nominated blog all next week, for a little peek into all things kinky…

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