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Whats in a name

One of the (many) reasons why I have not blogged extensively about the new feature film I am pre-producnig is this. The name. I cannot think of a good title for the film.

Now nothing is set in stone, and to be honest, a lot can change between now and the end of the final diting. But so far, the names have been a particular problem for me. I will boast about my writing skills. I can hone down a story pretty well and knock out a script in a relatively short space of time. These are my strengths.

However, I am lousy at names.

It starts with the characters. For som reason, I never give them a proper name. They just get assigned a tag, like ‘Old Man’, ‘Mother’, ‘Thin Lady’. So during the scrip, the number of the nameless can usually out number the named personnel. In one of my script, I have taken this to the extreme, with the major characters not having names, but the minor ones all being named, to avoid confusion. But think about it. In the real world, when you say hello to your wife, or to your friends, how often do you actually use their name. As in, ‘Hello Tom’ or suchlike?

But I am really bad with naming the script For some reason, my though process goes to pot when thinking of a title for films. To date, I have only liked one name, ‘Caution Wet Paint’, and even that makes no sense. So now, without further ado, I ask you to think of a name. The current titles are ‘Ritchie Fernando’, ‘South of The River’ and ‘Great Brytania’ (that last one is not a spelling mistake, but the Polish word for Britain). To give some idea of the film, it takes place in both Poland and London and focuses on the lives of two lovers who descend into London’s world of vice.

I am not always a happy writer…

So, titles. Please. Anyone?


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Easter TV

I do look forward to the whole Easter weekend when it comes to television. In between shifts, it is nice to sit down and watch one of those Ancient Bible Stories. You know, I want to see Charlton Heston riding a chariot or holding the Ten Commandments above his head. Hell, I want to see it all. The toppling of the Philistine’s temple, a heroic revolt . Hey, I will even take the non-Christian tales.

But where are those films? Those legendary bladder busters, relieved by the handy nearness of my own toilet. Nowhere! Check the TV schedules (do we still have them in this digitised/multichannel world), and it is filled with lousy programmes about someone’s upcoming wedding. Ugh…just leave them alone!


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On the film set – again

Yesterday was kind of like a warm-up for what will happen next month. A brief shoot for a competition, and this time I was IN FRONT of the camera, not behind it! And, once again, it is easy to be an actor!

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The Caution Wet Paint Documentaries (2) – Jay

So far, I have been a busy little bee with Caution Wet Paint and have been bumbling along with a series of Documentaries.

In this doc I talk about Jay, why I created this character and how I want to take his character through CWP.

The Documentary of Jay – click here!

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Documentary 1 for CWP

I made a short documentary yesterday on how Caution Wet Paint began.

Watch Documentary here.

This will bee the first in a short set in preparation for the shooting of the next Caution Wet Paint, for the first time in Hi-Def.

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