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Yesterday’s Diary…women…

My blog post yesterday may seem bleak, but there was a reason for it. Women make me sick. And I mean the women depicted in fiction.

I love writers, I am a writer myself. But why oh why do the bulk of women depicted in films, plays and television are depicted in two ways. As over emotional beasts who cannot cope with rejection or as psychos who have killed someone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good Femme Fatale and women who kick ass are wonderful characters for the screen. But take a look at fiction, particularly western generated fiction and you will see that women’s roles are, to be frank, dull.

I would love to claim that I know women, what they think and what they want. If that was the truth, then I would have been much more lucky in my life. But maybe as I have been surrounded by women, I am more aware of just how two-dimensional and boring they are when portrayed in fiction. One thing I do hope, as a writer and a film director, is that I can do a better job of portraying my female characters on screen…


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