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A busy month – you bet!


I do believe this has been the longest gap between blog posts since…forever, or something like that. I have seen a lot since then in the news. An American Yawn, a Chinese Yawn, Qatada and something in the Middle East.

Oh, and yes, I was in Poland for half that time with a lot of filming. In the can as they speak. Lots to edit, rewrite and pray for before heading off to the next bit next year.

And I did take a little saunter through Poland too. After all, it was a ‘working holiday’.

But enough of that, I think it is time to actually write a blog insead of talk about not writing one. Let me flex those fingers…


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5 Reasons to be a Kinky Boy

I am in that mood again. Mischievous. I do not know what makes me so, but here are five reasons why every man should really be a kinky boy:

1) It is fun.

Being a straight laced, by-the-books person is kind of dull. In fact, you end up looking like a w**ker. So be a bit kinky, it really is as fun as it looks.

2) It is frisky.

Being kinky adds a certain dimension to your private life. Friskiness. And where’s the harm in that?

3) It is liberating.

The freedom to be as kinky as possible gives such a feeling of freedom that is impossible to compare to anything else. Self liberty is such a hallmark of humanity, it shocks me to think why people deny themselves of it.

4) It is devious.

A little bit of devious behavior goes a long way…

5) It is kinky.

For the sake of being kinky, why not be a kinky boy?


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Valentine’s Day – The Hangover…

Not that I am a party pooper, but in case you got carried away by yesterday’s crap…

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For those going back to work today after the Xmas break…

Two fingers to the lot of you! I will enjoy my day off!

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Single vs Taken – how to spot the difference.

Taken men are impeccably dressed.

Single men look like they have been through a hedge. Without actually going through a hedge…

Taken men are broke.

Single men are broke, but they spent their cash on decent things like motorbikes.

Taken men know what a ballet is.

Single men cannot spell the word.

Taken men have a smug look on their face.

So do single men.

Taken men do not play video games, draw comics or watch action films.

Taken men do not know what they are missing out on…


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…want to do frisky things.

But I can’t.

Well, can’t is not the right word.

I can do anything I want.

But I shouldn’t.

Do, frisky, things.


Well, maybe it is because I am usually naughty, and so being frisky is an extension of that.

Or maybe it is because I have mutilated my good self and so I am in a lot of pain.

Or it could be anything in between.

Anyhow, less frisky is not a good thing for me.

I believe in more frisky.

More is good, less is bad. Hell, more is more.

And frisky is friskily good.


Look, I am not making any sense. My frisky level is at an all time low…


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feeling frisky.




for lots of reasons.

but also busy.

too busy.

at least sun is shining.

about time.

damn autumn is coming along.

but off now.

will be contacting people in the next two weeks.

yes, life has been busy.

and mischievous…


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