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A busy month – you bet!


I do believe this has been the longest gap between blog posts since…forever, or something like that. I have seen a lot since then in the news. An American Yawn, a Chinese Yawn, Qatada and something in the Middle East.

Oh, and yes, I was in Poland for half that time with a lot of filming. In the can as they speak. Lots to edit, rewrite and pray for before heading off to the next bit next year.

And I did take a little saunter through Poland too. After all, it was a ‘working holiday’.

But enough of that, I think it is time to actually write a blog insead of talk about not writing one. Let me flex those fingers…


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September’sMovie of the Month – The Dark Knight Rises

I think it was pretty predictable what I was going to see at the IMAX. The Dark Knight Rises is simply brilliant. I am not going to review the film as so much has already been said on the net about it. However, I will say that it is…brilliant! Especially if you have seen the other two Batman films. If you have not seen it yet, take the time out and head to the cinema, the only place to view it is on the big screen.

Oh, and out of the Dark Knight Trilogy, my favourite are (in order): The Dark Knight Rises, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Okay, this blog is going to change its publishing dates again. Tuesdays will still be movie day. But I will also switch to Thursday and Friday as ‘other bits’ days, as trying to blog on Saturdays is basically mission impossible. Let me see if I can keep up with this new blogging timetable. Life, as they say, is increasingly busy…

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Two Meetings

I went to two meetings yesterday, in two parts of London, separated by only a short bus ride. The first meeting, in a well known part of London. Well known for many of the wrong reasons, but slowly being made a little bit more pretty. I met with a man who told me that he made a lot of mistakes in his life. A man who admitted to the wrong turns he took. He told me, frankly, with brutal honesty, who he was, what he did, and how he is working to make the world a slightly better place. And how he suffered and today still lives with the mistakes of his past. Sure, I have differing view from him, but I had a respect for him. A man who has lived through everything, has seen death and then walked back into the light. The words terrified me, for the truth was haunting. Those words however, I had to hear them, those haunting words, that terrifying story, the actual truth. Not for my ego, but for the future.

The second meeting was also in a well known part of London, but one that is a lot harder to get to. Lost in a maze of back streets and roughly hewed but buildings. A film set, yes, it has been, just like my first location, separated by a bus ride. Two places in London, so close to each other, but so far in every other respect. There was money in this second location. And power. But also a lot of deceit in the air. lot of bad things had happened there, cloaked in the respectability of cash and influence. It was here, in the echelons of high society, that my second meeting took place. It was a meeting that spooked the hell out of me. Not because I was scared on the person chairing it, far from it. Although I admired what he said, as a person, I could not be more repulsed. Everything he said was with a honey forked tongue. But I needed to hear those saccharine flavoured words, that terrifying story, the actual truth. Not for my ego, but for the future.

When you are young, the world is simple. Thoughts, flavours, the colours of life, are blatant yes, no, truth or lies. But as your life progresses, those shades of grey increase, the palette becomes more complex. And everything looses its focus. Suddenly, that simplicity of youth is complicated by the politics of adulthood. I really do think that your thirties has to be the most destructive decades that any human can live through. The things that people our age does is filled with cruelty and spite. And the weapons we have to deploy are vicious. We have left the creativity of our youth behind and are slowly destroying the lives of people around us. Although a few of us, try to reverse that destruction in our forties. Or some continue along that path. That was the difference between those two meetings. One, trying to make up for the mistakes of his thirties, one continuing and thriving from his destructive path.

Two meetings, separated by a short bus ride. I went to both, yesterday. Two very different emotions felt after both. But both meetings were necessary. Unfortunately…


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The Teaser is Coming…(Film News)

Just a quick update on Great Brytania. I am busily editing away, so give me another week. And what a busy week this is going to be. Now, I got to catch up on some blogs. See you soon!

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Great Brytania Film News – Well, why I have been missing, really. Kind of…

Look, first a big apology. I have been out of the loop. And the big, simple reason is just too complex to explain. But, and I know I use this phrase a lot, but trust me. The reasons for me not being such a prolific blogger have been real, and fairly serious. Which is why, for the moment, I will not say why I have not been blogging. But do not worry, no one has died, no one close to me has been hurt and financially, everything is okay. But, events have been serious enough that all filming has gone out of the window over the past couple of weeks.

Yeah, for me to say that, the situation over the past few wees have been pretty hairy.

But I am back, back for good, baby! Or as good as ‘good’ can get.

Sorry for my evasiveness, it is just the nature of things. But really, everyone that I know and love is good and well. Next week, I hope to have more film news to report, including important meetings that have been scheduled and hopefully some snippets of the film that was shot in Poland.




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Missing In Action?

No, just extremely busy. And this blog has suffered. Do not worry, I have not stopped blogging, it is just life.

I will resume some semblance of normal blogging in June. Who would have thought? From almost daily to almost monthly. Life, as they say, can be very strange indeed…

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April – The ‘blah’ month

I have no idea why I am so ‘blah’. Maybe it is the awful weather engineered by this drought stricken country. Who knows? But whatever, this has been one hell of a lousy month for me. Everything, from the up and the down has gone wrong with me.

The only good thing has been my ‘new’ Zelda game.

Oh, seriously, I feel nuts at the moment.

Look, I do not know why, but my mojo is seriously down. Even last week, I just did not make the effort to head to the cinema. What is wrong with me?

Oh well, ho-hum, let us hope May is more fulfilling…


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