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Wishlist – The Ten Places I would most like to see in my lifetime

For those that know me or regularly check back to this blog, you know that I love to travel. I have been to thirty five countries in my lifetime, which is a fair few in my short time on this Earth. But there is a lot more that I want to see, and so, here is a top ten of places I would really like to see before I die. From the impossible to reach to the high tourist footfall, here are the places that I have not yet visited that I really want to get to sometime in the near future.

10) Prague.

I thought I would start with a simple place. Even though I have been to the Czech Republic, the reality is that I drove through the country in the middle of the night. For me the Czech Republic provided toilet breaks, a small fine for not paying the motorway tolls and lots of crazy driving. I hope to rectify this in the not-too-distant future, and visit what is regarded as one of Europe’s prettiest capitals.

9) Bolivia.

In fact I would like to visit all of South America. I have never stepped foot on this continent and so anywhere on here would be great for me. But for me, Bolivia really stands out due to its combination of natural beauty and spectacular culture. In particular, I would really love to see Salar Uyuni, the largest salt flats on Earth.

8) Ethiopia.

Oldest civilisation on Earth after China, this is one of the world’s great cultural treasure troves. In fact the whole of the Horn of Africa is culturally rich. After all, humanity itself evolved here. Next door Somalia also holds a great allure, but that is not looking like a place I could visit anytime soon.

7) Ooty.

India is going to feature heavily on my list. Officially my new favourite country to visit, I have only been here for a few brief weeks and really only saw the North East. I would really love to see more, and Ooty has the combination of all that is magical. An old steam train puffing up the mountains, stunning scenery and a romantic edge that makes it popular with honeymooners the world over. Out of all the destinations on this list, this is probably the best combination of exotic and ease of travel.

(From Pratheept2000)

6) Tokyo.

What can I say. Cute gadgets, cute food and cute chicks. But behind all the cuteness, Tokyo really is one of the world’s great cities, and out of the ‘Big 4’ Global Cities, Tokyo is the only one I have not visited. It is big, crazy and expensive, but it is still worth a look in. One day…

5) Easter Island.

Well, the remotest place on Earth, one of the real outposts of civilisation with a fascinating Archaeological story. There is so much to learn from Easter Island, and so much tragedy too. The planet in a microcosm, and it shows on one small spot the great achievements of humanity and also the worst ravages of man. Expensive and hard to get to, but this is definitely one of the more likely destinations to reach.

4) Aksai Chin.

Yeah, right. The likelihood of getting here is about as good as me becoming a world class sprinter. At this moment in time, all entry is virtually impossible. But for me, it is the perfect combination of my two favourite types of scenery – desert and mountain. I have always been fascinated by the Himalaya, both from a scenic and cultural point of view. But, out of all the places on my list, I doubt I will see this place in my lifetime.

3) Istanbul.

Out of all the places on this list, Istanbul really should have been one that I should have arrived at sooner, but have so far been thwarted at every turn. I did once have a flight booked here, but, yeah, Easyjet changed the flight days, and so I plumped for the refund. Maybe I should have just jumped, but with my work being impossible to work around, it is one that is on my ‘to-do’ list.

2) Madagascar.

It may have been popularised by the cartoon, but for me, this island in the Indian Ocean really has it all. Exotic wildlife, a spectacular fusion of Polynesian and African culture and a landscape that is simply divine. For me, this destination is more about money and time rather than anything else.

(From Frank Vassen)

1) Arunachal Pradesh.

Again, this is one place I really should have visited sooner than I did. Arunachal Pradesh in India’s far North East is simply divine. Nestled in the slopes of the Himalaya, this is where the mighty Brahmaputra gets its power. All of India’s North East is fascinating, which is why on my two journeys to this great country, I focused my efforts here. Arunachal Pradesh would be the jewel in the crown, and it is just a case of getting round the bureaucracy. Unfortunately, it is Indian bureaucracy…grr…

(From Rajkumma1220)

So there you have it. Ten places in the world that I have not yet visited, but would so love to. What do you guys think, and have any of you been to anywhere on this list?

And what would be your wishlist of places to visit? And anything you think I should have included on this list but missed out (and trust me, it was hard to compile). Answers in the comments below!



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This blog confuses me…

Recently, I have been writing more abut travelling rather than film making, my other great passion in life. That is for many reasons, but nonetheless, film making has been taking an incredibly large amount of time. From distributing Irfan to festivals, to actually appearing at festivals, my artistic output has been massive over the past few months. And exhausting.

I have had to catch up with editing, which to be honest I have got into debt. The Guru episode from yesterday was one example of that. Shot in the summer, it is already two weeks late! Sorry! But I have been busy. Trying to balance the mundane (McJob) with the fantastical (film) has got me into a tizzy. And as I said, into debt. I am way behind on editing Amigos Amigos, yes, this project has to be finished. I do not know what will make me finish it, so I have decided to break with my puritanism and I have decided to treat myself. When I finish Amigos Amigos, I will buy myself a 3DS – I need to bribe my mind into getting this done, and this may be the only way. Pleasure for pain.

But the other big reason for falling behind has been two big corporate filming jobs, back to back. Lucrative (when the first one pays up) and fun, but they have completely thrown my normal film making process out of the window. Not that I am complaining at all. From a financial point of view, it is great to get paid to do what I actually enjoy doing! Which is also why the artistic stuff has got pushed to the back burner. Unlike an actor who appears for one day and says bye-bye, in Post-Production, the time to realise a film takes a hell of a long time. You have to bump jobs back, one by one as you cannot swing from one shoot to the next carefree Each job takes a hell of a long time to make, to be honest, to construct.

Luckily, I am fast 😉

I can edit at an incredible pace, but even I have my limitations! I try to be Superman, but sometimes I am no better than Aquaman. Such is life, I guess I am not that immortal.

So one of the ways to also change tack has been to write about travel. You see, films are fascinating, especially to watch. But writing about film making is, well, dull. I may be El Director, and this is my blog, but that still does not make writing about film making interesting. Contrast that to writing about festivals, or travelling to those far flung places. Yeah, that is a lot more interesting, and also healthy for the mind.

After all, it’s good to look up once in a while from the computer screen. It’s life, and if you’re not careful, you’ll miss it as it passes you by…

(paraphrased from here)

So do not worry dear reader. Like a swan, I am just here to make this look good. Beneath the serene ramblings of this particular blogger, is a mind working furiously on his filming life. It takes a long time, after all, I am on my own in this world, and I have been incredibly isolated on this journey that I am making. I have met many people made and lost many friends while on this journey to try and reach the stars. But the journey is still continuing…but my goodness it is taking its time!

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It has been a few days…

…and so I am back. To be honest, I just wanted to switch off from all things computerised. I went out, to the movies, and just chilled out for a while. 2010 has been one hell of a year for me. A busy one. 2011 will be the same, but I hope it is a good busy, like 2010 was. Irfan has been the big project for the year and now that the production has finished, I decided to breathe, to exhale, just for a little.

Anyway, what will 2011 hold for all and for myself? I do not know. Hey, if I did, I would not be making films, but playing the lottery – every day of the week! But as I am not the gambling type…

I have booked my first holiday of the year! To Poland (and Germany for a few hours before, as that is where my flight lands). Poland will be country number 33 on the list, and a continuation of my discovery of the new Europe last year. Take a look back at my travels in both Hungary and Romania, there are a few good posts there…this time my travels are a little more concentrated within the country. I do not plan to waltz from capital city to capital city, but bumble along the southa nd west of Poland, its cultural arc’ for want of a better word. From Berlin, I plan a trip to Zielona Gora then onto Wroclaw, Opople before ending up in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Krakow.

But in the meantime, I have a fair few things to do before I head off. First of all, I have to set up Irfan for distribution. That means getting press packs, trailers and other paraphernalia ready. Next, it is edit some web episodes for a new web series I want to pursue. Finally, write. I have a lot of that to do, as projects are lining up for shooting this year. 2010 wa a good year, let us hope 2011 becomes a great one!

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What the film am I doing – Irfan Post 8 – and one more look back at the river…

If someone ever tells me that filming is glamorous, they need to be told, in a stern voice that it is not.

A director does not just shout action and cut on a megaphone. I really wish it was that simple. But wen you are not paying anyone, it is nothing like that..instead I am burning DVD’s, ordering postcards to be shipped to the USA and figuring out the cheapest ticket to Strasbourg. Welcome to the world of Distribution and film festivals. The swanning around at the screening is the result of military-esque logistics, frantic bargaining and much hair pulling!

Secondly, I dubbed the lovely Safirah (who plays the character of Saira) last week and so Project Irfan is coming along nicely.

Seriously, I am dead proud of this set-up. In the corridor of a nice muffled building, perfect for simulating a car, which is where I shot the dialogue scenes between the characters of Irfan and Saira for the short. Thanks for that S!

Thirdly, I have just taken a vanity look at my River Crossings. Seriously, I am dead proud that I have completed this. To think how innocent I was when I first started this series, something that is actually reflected in the quality of the writing style of this series. As I progressed through London, my blogging actually became a hell of a lot better. Whether it is the case of actually reading through my posts before hitting the ‘publish’ button, I will never know. Still, I would say that from Barnes Bridge, the content is actually pretty good.

I should actually go back and re-edit the posts, but for now, they will stay as they are, ‘raw’.

And, as this is the final time that I will crow about the River Thames, here is potted list of ‘faves’ about my series on the Thames. Completely subjective, but if you want to know what crossings to head to (or avoid) then have a look at these:

Best Looking Crossing Point – Albert Bridge.
Best Surroundings (away but accessible from the crossing) – Hampton Court Bridge.

Worst Looking Crossing Point – Wandsworth Bridge.
Worst Surroundings (away but accessible from the crossing) – Wandsworth Bridge.

Best view from a bridge – Waterloo Bridge.
Worst view from a bridge – Wandsworth Bridge.

The most fun I had using – Woolwich Ferry.
The most fun I had researching – London Bridge.

Coolest Crossing – Greenwich Foot Tunnel.
The most surprising Crossing Point I encountered – The Ham Ferry.

The one most likely to kill you – The Rotherhithe Tunnel.

The one tourists must see – Tower Bridge.
The one Londoners must see – The Woolwich Ferry.

The one that I want to re-explore – Southwark Bridge.
The one that I want to re-explore after that one – Barnes Bridge.

And, this was one of the main reasons why I went to all 33 Crossing Points. I wanted to find out which were the best locations to utiise. Locations by the Thames that would best fit the kind of films I would want to make to show how I see London. And so, the most important awards come from the following categories:

The crossing I would like to film – Woolwich Ferry.
The view that I would like to film – Woolwich Ferry.
The surroundings that I would like to film – Barnes Bridge.

And so, for the last time, my vanity will direct you only once more to the link of links, here, for my series of Crossings of the River Thames…

Charlie’s Crossings of the River Thames – All 33 of them!

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(Time Out)

First of all, this blog will be getting patchy over the next month. Filming is upon me, and so what I do on these pages will be getting a little thin. Needless to say by the middle of June, normal service (almost daily levels of blogging) will resume on this web page.

So to amuse yourselves while I dive under the radar for a bit, here are some links to this blog (and others) to keep yourself occupied over the next couple of weeks:

1) Caution Wet Paint: The Comic Strip – A whole host of fun and frolics from London’s craziest double act!

2) Crossings of the River Thames – look back at the thirty crossings in London so far done and shockingly, only three left to go!

3) India and India 2 – I went twice last year and I am already planning this year’s sojourn to this wonderful country!

4) London Diary – A series of short stories I began this year for three months. Surprisingly close to reality…

5) Zelda – I am a compie game freak, but this blog has been surprisingly low on one particular game Zelda. Surprising, as this game has and continues to be (sadly) a big part of my existence. And I am meant to be 30…

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Mi Gustas (13)

I like…Caution Wet Paint!

I have spent the best part of three years pursuing my film making down one path. The hope of making a feature length film called ‘Caution Wet Paint’. On the way, I made a series of short films, prequels if you like, as a taster and as a way to try and break into the film making world with this fun filled comedy.

Alas, all good things however must come to an end. Caution Wet Paint has not achieved what I set out for it, and although it officially ends tomorrow, I hope to someday bring it back with a little sprinkling of fairy dust…

So until the next time, all I can say is…‘I like you…OK!’

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What a load of hot air!

Well, Copenhagen turned out to be exactly what was expected from it. A complete waste of time. Don’t believe the hype and realise that like Kyoto, the only people who won were the airline companies ferrying the delegates to and from the conference (in the greenhouse gas emitting aeroplanes).

So, what next? Well, if you’re in Bangladesh, the Maldives or the Pacific Islands, you have to realise that you’re just not that important. We in the West will continue to drive our cars to the newsagents. We’re just too lazy to walk. So, you guys will sink.

To those guys living in SubSaharan Africa, already an area filled with incompetence, don’t worry. Added to the chiefs who hold sway over your lives with AK-47’s, China will keep burning coal to keep its economy running. So you get the twin prods of mineral extraction and unreliable rainfall. If climate models are anything to go with, then this area is going to get really shafted. Unless you are the one holding the gun?

And what about us guys, here in the ‘developed world’? Well, everything will continue as normal. Denial, sorry, ‘more scientific proof’ will reign supreme, and life will seem pretty comfortable. After all, the Earth is fat and any rise in sea level will fall over the sides! All that education, and we’re no better than savages!

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