Kid Icarus Uprising – a review (and yes, this is my new favourite game of all time)

Oh my gosh…

Is this the world’s greatest game? Ever? Could this be my new favourite game of all time? Ever? Am I over the top? Probably…

As you can read, I am very excited by this wonderful game. Words cannot describe the utter joy I get from playing Kid Icarus every time I switch on my 3DS. And the stats do not lie, Kid Icarus is the most played game on my 3DS, beating Ocarina of Time into second place. And I loved Ocarina of Time, but there is a new kid on the block vying for my affections and Pit is back in the Game!

A brief history I think is needed before we get into the meat of the game. Kid Icarus is a fairly old game, but damn obscure. At 25 years old, it has the same venerability as Zelda or Mario and is older than Kirby. But unlike any of these famed franchises, Pit’s fight with the underworld never caught on and after his first outing on the NES, there was only one sequel released for the Gameboy in 1991/2. And that was it. Until…Super Smash Brawl when a new character made an appearance. A refined, cool looking angel. A glorious reappearance of an obscure, forgotten character.

And then came the announcement in 2010. A new game for Nintendo’s new handheld system…

Kid Icarus Uprising!

Now, for once, this will read like a regular review. The graphics for Kid Icarus are gorgeous and the sound is simply amazing. The big bugbear is with the control system, which really requires a use of a third arm. Use the circle pad to control Pit, the ‘L’ shoulder button to fire and the stylus on the touch screen to aim the reticle. But persevere. Look, I am a left hander, and I just ignored the stylus and used my right thumb and happily got used to playing Kid Icarus that way. I just fiddled with the intensity settings of the touch screens to adapt.

So, do not be put off by the control scheme. All it requires is a bit of perseverence. Yes, it is a design flaw of the 3DS not to have two circle pads, but that is no reason to ignore what is the system’s finest game.

And Kid Icarus Uprising is huge! 25 levels, lots of secrets to find and unlock, two different online modes, both of which are highly addictive and an all encompassing story supported by some of the finest voice acting to be found ob a video game. You will laugh your head off a the witty banter, the frequent breaking of the fourth wall and the sheer fun that the script writers had with this title. Being a complete reboot of the franchise, there was no millstone of continuity hanging round the neck of the creators.

Even the marketing was perfect. The trailers found online point to the game, and are a brilliant showcase of Kid Icarus Uprising. And unlike many trailers, they only hint at the true extent of the game. Make no mistake, this is a huge game, and I am not going to spoil it by telling you what really happens during the game. Although I completed it over the weekend, I am still replaying the levels. With different weapons, on different intensities. In fact, why am I blogging about Kid Icarus, when I have some Quality Time to spend with my new favourite title. Go away now while I now play!

There is no finer game for the 3DS and this easily earns an A+! Once you get over the control scheme (it takes three or four chapters to get into) there is no stopping the player. Persevere, whether left or right handed and you will uncover one of the greatest gems ever created by the video gaming world. I am shocked this was not released on a home console, that is how good this game is. It shows Nintendo’s commitment to try and make their 3DS a success (thank goodness for early buyers like me) and I am looking forward to a sequel, however unlikely that may be for now.

Pit’s got some new tricks, now go play! Just look at that trailer. Great visuals and that music is really from the game, gorgeous!

(Rating A+ – it does not get better than this!)


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  1. I will have to try this game out! Looks better than fantastic!

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