The pain on my wallet – film making continues

So this is my life. Instead of editing today (which I have actually been happily doing for the past week), I woke up to a dead computer. And that is because my wireless keyboard screwed up.

Now, to be honest, I never really liked my wireless keyboard. It always mis-typed, the batteries continuously needed to be recharged and the computer always awoke from sleep mode as the keyboard became undetectable.

Now I did try the tin-foil trick on my keyboard, but my keyboard never went dead. Just for some reason the Bluetooth would not communicate effectively with the computer. And as my mouse was wireless, it was not the Bluetoth.

Anyway, sod it, I got a new keyboard, and while it was fairly expensive, it was just worth it. However, I really did not need to spend that cash. I was saving it for something else…oh well…

But, the teaser is looking great. Just one more thing to do on it and it is ready. Ha!



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2 responses to “The pain on my wallet – film making continues

  1. I prefer wired keyboards and mice…what’s another cable between appliances?

  2. Agree with wmi. Plus, no need for batteries.

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