The Olympics Cycle Past!

I must admit to being a bit quiet on the Olympic front. The world’s biggest party may well be happening in my city, but I have not been invited to it, so I really do not care.

However, even the cynic in me was persuaded to hop and roll to the bottom of my road to catch the Olympic Cycle riders fly past. With countries as diverse as Kazakstan, Iran and Australia, as well as the home grown Great Britain flying past my local area.

Thank you to the Olympians for providing a nice bit of entertainment, for free, at the bottom of my road and of course congratulations to Team GB for securing Gold and Bronze in the Men’s Time Trial. Special Kudos has to go to Bradley Wiggins – absolutely amazing man who has had one hell of a golden year.



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2 responses to “The Olympics Cycle Past!

  1. Go Team UK! What I love is the individual athelete’s story. Each has come there against incredible odds and hardwork.

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