Ninth Rock from the Sun (plus five more)

Go Pluto! Far from being a sore little planetoid, now demoted from its deity-like status of planethood, this little mass of rock and ice lingering at the edge of the Solar System has decided to stick two fingers at us pun Earthlings. Why? Because it now boasts five satellites. Yep, that’s right, Pluto has five moons, this fifth tiny moon has just been discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope. Admittedly Pluto does not have very big moons, but this far out from the sun, you can take anything that you can get your gravity powered mitts on.

Nasa’s link here.

With the New Horizons probe now just three years away from Pluto, I cannot wait to see what other discoveries will be made about this and other objects in the Kuiper Belt. At heart, I am a true space geek, and it is because it can often be so simple like this new moon, but there are always new discoveries to be made. Truly, thrilling stuff!



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4 responses to “Ninth Rock from the Sun (plus five more)

  1. Interesting that a relatively small planetoid has gone five moons.

  2. I was not thrilled at all when ‘the powers that be’ stated that pluto was not a planet. I think they have backtracked and stated that pluto is afterall a planet. Makes one wonder how very scientific their claim was to begin with. That is such a thrilling photo.

  3. I will always think of Pluto as a planet. Teachers drilled that much into my head 🙂

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