Alan Turing – 100 Years

For those not in the know, take a look at one of the finest minds Britain has ever produced. Without him, do not even think that we would have modern computing.

And sadly, because he was gay, he was hounded. Yes, we have moved on a lot as a society, but think how much more we would have gained if he and other like him were not persecuted.

Anyway, there will be plenty of things online over the next few days celebrating the life of this fascinating man, so take note!



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2 responses to “Alan Turing – 100 Years

  1. It is amazing how brilliant so many people were, and how many of today’s everyday items we take for granted were actually thought of so long ago. All of them should be honored and remembered.

  2. Wow, that was so sad how the laws were back then and what they did to him. So much suffering is inflicted upon others because they are different. Why do people not want to embrace “live and let live” attitude? Although things have improved today, yet there is still that element of the “other” today, that is ostracized or bullied or given the silent treatment. He was a brave man, brave to live his life as he did knowing the laws of his times. Thanks for posting about him. Looking forward to other posts on him.

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