Film News 19th June and Quest Europe 2012

Wow, last week was so epic, that there was just no time to blog (or look at any other blog post) whatsoever – very disappointing for me. Nonetheless, it has been a busy week, but not in the way I have thought it would or should be. Let me get down to business to describe what I have been up to. First of all, I have been re-reading the script again. Along with some editing of the Polish scenes, this is what the last week has been spent on.

But also, quite importantly, I have been invited to be a jury member (for a second year in a row) at the 2012 Quest Europe film festival! I am very excited, and honoured by this. And to be honest, it is a great job. Turn up and watch movies Easiest job – ever!

There is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes, so good luck to all those involved. Yep, this year, in August, I will be in Zielona Gora again for the 2012 Quest Europe film festival. Join me then. And ~I hope to have the teaser ready to be screened for the festival…I better get editing 🙂


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