Film News – Beginning June 2012

A treat for you – here is a teaser clip from ‘Great Brytania’:

We shot this piece of footage at the beginning of May. It shows one of our Central characters, Magda, leaving the familial home in Poland to begin her long journey to London. For me, as a writer and director, there is a lot of heart in this scene. While technically fairly easy to shoot, the soundtrack was awful as there was a loud set of speakers above the flats blaring out rock music, plus a hell of a lot of people shouting on their mobile phones (unusual as the Polish are fairly reserved on the mobile devices). I really had to thank the crew for being so patient! From a mood setting point of view, this is a beautiful scene. Just one person and her interaction with the audience. Always difficult to pull off, but it was done magnificently by Marzena Więcek, who plays the character of Magda.

A fortnight ago, I told you about meetings and they have gone well. It looks like we have some real in-kind support which will hopefully help us with the making of the film, particularly in knocking out a decent story. As the details become confirmed, I will reveal more about who I am working with and when the film is finished we will furnish you with the names of these organisations.

And stick around…I am currently editing a proper teaser and hope to have one ready by the end of the month! That is going to be fun – I love a good teaser, and doing one really gets you in the mood for editing the film proper. The interesting thing about this film is going to be the way it will be shot. Before, I have always shot in one blast, but this one is different. I am planning to shoot over the course of two years, and edit as I go along. So, like a jog-saw puzzle, this film will be slotted together.

It means that I have not even began the casting process for the UK credits, but I have been busy organising locations and as you can already see, meetings with various organisations in order to facilitate production. It is weird to still be doing my pre-production when filming has already started. I have to change my hats from one to the next! But such are the financial constraints that I am juggling all the time. This is the challenge…

I do feel good about Great Brytania however. Although this is one ambitious film (who am I kidding, this is a headf**k!), there has been so much help surrounding the production, that I feel incredibly lucky to be abl to head this project. I certainly would not have got this far were it not for the incredible support that I have received and I am still receiving. There is an incredible amount of goodwill behind this project, more than I have received on any of my other films shot previously. Here it goes, the editing truly begins. Wow, can you imagine, Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production happening simultaneously – can you see why this is ambitious…


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  1. I wasn’t able to watch the clip. The link takes me to vimeo, and I clicked download, it says loading, but then nothing plays. Feel free to delete this comment. I will come back to check out the trailer again. I should be clicking something else?

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