Repertory Cinemas of London 4 – The HMV Curzon (Wimbledon)

I know last month was busy, and to be honest this month was also a month of hell. But I managed to make some time out to head to the cinema and to this rather posh corner of South West London which will become the centre of the world in a month’s time as the Tennis tournament comes to town. CInema number four on my tour round London’s Repertory Cinemas was the HMV Curzon.

The HMV Curzon in Wimbledon was opened to 2009 and is one of London’s newest cinemas. A joint venture between the Curzon chain of Repertory Cinemas and the HMV Chain of record/video stores. The world has changed since 2009, when this bright new venture was first announced. While cinemas are holding their own against the rise in the internet (people still like to go out) the future is not so bright for record stores. HMV is in a perilous state. Not surprising as it charges a fortune compared to the internet. I know because I will not shop there for video games – come on, £10 more than the world wide web? His Master’s Voice may be one of the most iconic brands that the UK has produced, but I am only seduced by the price, not the looks!

Which actually makes the HMV Curzon one of London’s bargains. It was a bright sunny Saturday afternoon when I popped into the cinema, but the Early Bird Rate of £6 is one of London’s best bargains when it comes to cinema tickets. One thing I have discovered about journeying around London’s cinemas is that it is definitely the Early Bird that catches the worm. Ticket prices are cheap and the screens are nice and empty.

(Hey, the cinema was empty – there’s nothing wrong with taking a picture of the Men’s toilets, surely not!)

Inside this cinema there are three screens, with colours instead of numbers. I was sat in the Red Screen to see the movie of choice. The bar is long and with a lovely skyscraper backdrop of nowhere in particular. It looks pretty, and trying to identify the towers of the world is a fun thing to do while waiting for the doors to the auditorium to open up. Or of course, you could by a drink. I can say with conviction that the overpriced Mint Tea is very nice, and will make you pee. Hence the photo of the gent’s toilets…ahem!

(Okay, maybe I went a bit too far in taking a picture of the Ladies’ toilet…)

Personally, I love the HMV Curzon. Not that I would buy anything in the overpriced store downstairs beneath the cinema, but I love the cinema itself. The more repertory cinemas there are, the better I love the choice in movies that is now available to this part of London. And the cinema is intimate enough so it is not be daunting, but fun. Beautiful murals on the wall, an easy location to get to (right outside Wimbledon Station) and as always, a great selection of films. Love it!



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2 responses to “Repertory Cinemas of London 4 – The HMV Curzon (Wimbledon)

  1. Me too. Love the toilet photos. Hey, what is a repertory cinema anyway?

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