29th May Film News

A brief update this week. Pure geekery by re-organising hard drives. This film is going to take a lot of juice from my current set-up and so most of the week has been spent shifting files from one end of the compter’s wires to the other. As my cash flow is, well, flowing out rather than in, I do not have the money (nor the immediate need) to get a bigger hard drive. By some careful reorganising, and some squeezing of old material onto old-backups drives, I have a full 1TB free. Now that is not a lot in the world of film, but it is enough for now while I save some cash for a new external drive.

Geeky stuff, but it keeps me happy…



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4 responses to “29th May Film News

  1. Remember the days our hard drives were only 20 and 40 GB’s! How did we survive!

  2. I know you are doing this, but regardless, don’t forget to backup everything important.

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