Great Brytania Film News – Well, why I have been missing, really. Kind of…

Look, first a big apology. I have been out of the loop. And the big, simple reason is just too complex to explain. But, and I know I use this phrase a lot, but trust me. The reasons for me not being such a prolific blogger have been real, and fairly serious. Which is why, for the moment, I will not say why I have not been blogging. But do not worry, no one has died, no one close to me has been hurt and financially, everything is okay. But, events have been serious enough that all filming has gone out of the window over the past couple of weeks.

Yeah, for me to say that, the situation over the past few wees have been pretty hairy.

But I am back, back for good, baby! Or as good as ‘good’ can get.

Sorry for my evasiveness, it is just the nature of things. But really, everyone that I know and love is good and well. Next week, I hope to have more film news to report, including important meetings that have been scheduled and hopefully some snippets of the film that was shot in Poland.





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2 responses to “Great Brytania Film News – Well, why I have been missing, really. Kind of…

  1. Trust you? uh, I don’t know if that is wise. 😉 he he… But I do. Hey, all’s well that ends well. Your tone is upbeat, so I am not worried. Looking forward to your updates.

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