Motorcycle Diaries – ‘Spring’ 2012

It has been a while since I have talked about my reliable rust bucket. The good old CG125 that has lasted in my possession for over a year and a half. In that time, I have had some great fun on the bike, and while it definitely lacks any real sort of power, for my purposes, travelling around London, nothing beats it for size, nippiness and fuel economy. Quite simply it has been (and this is shocking to say in our materialistic world) one of the most useful things I have ever bought. Without this bike, my earning power would have been far lower, as it has increased my own mobility, without substantially impacting on my wages (unlike, say, a car or a seasonal train ticket). It has allowed me to be far more social than otherwise and it has also served it purpose in jetting off to buy or get things for myself (paint is a good example of what can be cheaply carried in the box of this bike).

It has not been all easy. Just before Christmas 2011 my chain slipped off. Annoying as it was new in July. Probably as I ride it like a maniac or did not grease the chain properly. Anyway, I wheeled it back on Christmas Day (no fun whatsoever) and it sat in the driveway over winter while I cycled to and from work and other places to visit. They were long, cold months, but in February, with some cash in my pocket, I went to the bike shop nearby and got it repaired. There was also a small oil leak, which I also got repaired (replaced the O-Ring). In the end, while it was an unexpected burden on my wallet, I was glad to get the bike back.

It was nerve wracking at first to get back on my motorbike. I had not ridden it in nearly three months, and let me be honest, I am still a relatively new rider. Those first few journeys did make my hair stand on end. Just a couple of shuttles to work and back. But then I had to cross the city quickly, and the motorbike was going to be the only way to do that efficiently. After that long journey, I got my confidence back, but without the cockiness I had before. Breaking down like I did, I know the limits of the bike and now ride it that bit more carefully. I will put my hand up and state that I was like a real learner boy on my bike before Christmas. Luckily for me, I did not kill myself. I hope I have grown up a little bit in my riding since then.

Now the reason I am writing about my bike, is that I am off on a real ride, a rally of sort tomorrow. On what is probably the wettest weekend in Britain on record. Great.

Anyway, this is part of a stag-do for my friend, who wanted a grand tour around Southern England instead of whores and booze in some dodgy East European capital. So we have a route, I have packed, and now I have to repack to take into account that it will probably rain every day that I am out there and the bike is all set to go. And there will be some news of this on my return.

And also, just to note, I am on holiday (proper time off,not just my four day weekend) so I will be abroad until the beginning of May. Expect a few photos and musings on my return…and who said there is a recession in the UK?



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2 responses to “Motorcycle Diaries – ‘Spring’ 2012

  1. Glad you have matured as a biker – very important to your safety. 🙂 That bike rally sounds fun.

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