End of April Film News

And one thing is on my mind.


I am off to Poland next week and off to shoot the first scenes of South of The River. Which is terrifying, but also very exciting.

Terrifying, as I know this project is going to take two years to shoot. Exciting as I simply love this script. I re-read the story this week and I love it. Every single part of it is stunning. And this is not me being vain, this really is one of the best things I have written. From start to finish, it works, tragically and beautifully. Remember, this was not written instantly, but I have been writing for years. I could not have written this script a year ago, let alone five or ten years previously. And so the result is an account of my own personal growth, and I really do love what I have written.

I got to do a few things beforehand – and in the days I have – which means limited time, I got to do a lot I have to plan the camera angles and get some storyboards drawn up And test out all the camera equipment to make sure everything functions. But this is going to be a wild ride. Let us hope and see where this adventure takes us, as it is about to begin!


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  1. Exciting! Your appreciating the story means that the filming part of it will be that much better, as you will be more enthusiastic and passionate.

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