Amigos Amigos – Finished!

I have waited years to say this, but I have finally completed the editing for’Amigos Amigos’, my documentary about Country Music in Seychelles. The best part of four years and nine hours of footage condensed into 48 minutes of music snippets and interview.

I am shattered from it. Really, I cannot believe it is done, but now cmes al the clean up work. And so here is what is left to do:

1) Get permission to use the music.

For the first time I am using other people’s music, and so need clearance rights from the record companies. This will prove to be…interesting, but as it is just for ‘film festivals’, then I hope for it to be relatively simple…(famous last words?)

2) Clean up the sound and footage.

The film was recorded on my SD camera, which means the sound is all over the place! Plus, at 48 minutes, it is just too long. So the clean-up will require me to also cut some of the interviews down. Ideally, I would want the film to be around the 40 minute mark.

3) Translation.

Some of the interviews are in Kreol – the language of the Seychelles, a French patois. I will need to get my subtitle hand ready to put those interviews into English.

So, I still have my work cut out. But it does feel good to finally hve this film under the belt and on the way to distribution!



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2 responses to “Amigos Amigos – Finished!

  1. Congratulations!!! You put so much of yourself in all your projects. I admire you for this. 🙂

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