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The internet is filled with junk. And pornography. I am the source of most of it. The junk, not the pornography. In fact, I wish I was the source of most of the pornography, as I am one kinky boy. But occasionally, there are some bright sparks through the web of deceit that is the internet. And one of them is Mediolana, a London based publisher of educational materials that also serves as a great analytical magnifying lens on the news that is happening around the world. It makes the Economist pale into insignificance with its own fresh and intelligent take on what is happening, wherever and whenever. Click, take a peek, and here is my own homage to Mediolana below…

Denmark hopes to become the worlds first country to generate all its energy needs from non fossil fuel sources by 2050. This is an incredible target that the tiny European nation has set itself, partly as it is so dependent on these fuels. Its transportation and power is still by and large mostly resourced from fossil fuels. And Denmark is one of the cleanest generators of power, with some twenty percent of all its electricity generated by wind alone. But like all western nations, it is still addicted to oil, and the volatile regions which it sources its supply.

For Denmark’s centre right government, its thinking is not inspired by hippy ideals, but cold, hard facts and economic sense. Fossil fuels are becoming increasingly expensive. And in a world where vehicle ownership is set to rise at incredible rates, it does take a truly forward thinking country to realise that the current path of economic dependence on fossil fuels is not sustainable. With oil comfortably sitting over $100 a barrel, a world built for the internal combustion engine is going to be a world that many will not be able to afford. To keep a population mobile and economically active – two of the great gifts of the car – it will need a massive change in the way that people actually make those transportation choices. While India, China and Brazil are looking at plans to copy the American dream, Denmark is trying to find a path that will truly keep its citizens on the move.

And in a world which is seemingly hooked on only one path to economic growth, Denmark’s ambition is truly radical. In the short term, the effect on ordinary Danes are going to be massive. More expensive energy bills as their grids are restructured and current sources of cheap fuels such as coal are not utilised. But in the longer term, `Denmark’s foresight could prove to be a winner for this small European country. As fossil fuels continue their gradual rise in price from epensive to truly unaffordable, the Danes will find themselves in an enviable position where their citizens will be able to actually go to work and where their crops will actually grow. And this is finding a solution that does not involve Nuclear Energy, something that last year’s tragedy at Fukushima proved, is simply another dangerous source of energy.



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6 responses to “Blogs I admire (and will imitate one off) 3 – Intelligence

  1. A great post. Not for nothing does Francis Fukuyama posit Denmark (replacing the United States) as the ideal polity in his more recent work. Even five years ago there were days when 100% of the country’s electricity needs were met by wind power.

    With India and China, both of these countries are attempting a mix of the American and European development models: plenty of freeway, plenty of high-speed and intra-city rail. But I agree that the former is a near-total waste of time. Amsterdam is doing a fantastic job in pioneering new modes of freight transit that do not require articulated trucks – this is surely the way forward.

  2. Will check out Mediolana. Good on the Danes; looking forward to see what they do. The article was interesting in that one of the chief motivators was the increasing demand for oil from china and india was only going to increase oil prices and create instability.

  3. I like this sentence: “In fact, I wish I was the source of most of the pornography, as I am one kinky boy.” Made me laugh ’cause I wasn’t expecting it!

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