Film News for beginning of April

As I am busy getting ready to go away for the weekend, this is just a brief snippet of news for this week:

South of The River – Progress on the feature film is interesting. We have had a mixed bag of results with regards to corporation with certain organisations. Also, the translation of the full script into Polish is well underway (part of the film is to be shot in Poland). The main thrust will occur this month as pre-production starts for the earliest bits to be shot in May. That will include storyboards, a shooting script and the actual plans for camera angles and shooting plans.

Amigos Amigos – Ha! One person left (Mr Webber) and once his interview is complete, I will rejig the various bits around until I have a something resembling a coherent documentary. Oh, it is almost there! And you can see the teaser that I released last week here.

Other Projects – On hold for the moment. I was just too pissed off when my computer failed to save. Will restart when I arrive back after Easter.

And a Happy Easter to everyone! I will return!


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  1. Happy Easter. Enjoy your getaway!

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