The April Fools this year?

Every year, as tradition goes, the British newspapers love to fool the general public into thinking that something completely serious is actually a joke. Because, of course, it is April Fools, and the British like to believe that we have a sense of humour.

Anyway, here are my guesses.

The Guardian’s one is pretty good, although very obvious. A nice dig at the ruling classe and our Prime Minister’s posh background.

The Independent has a very good one. It almost had me fooled, that is how pedantic we as a nation have become.

The Telegraph has been tricky. I am not too sure, but I am going to plump for the Vodka swilling Queen Mother.

The Mirror’s one is obviously funny. I like it, thick with humour.

The Daily Mail is quite smart. I leik it a lot.

Any that I missed?



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2 responses to “The April Fools this year?

  1. I forgot all about April Fools. Guess the fool is me 🙂

  2. What a lovely tradition. April Fools is a nice and harmless fun day and I have many great memories of it in India. Over in the US, it is hardly celebrated or even mentioned. 😦

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