The Spirit Temple – Zelda’s most beautiful Dungeon Level?

I have been happily plugging away through Ocarina of Time on my 3DS over the past three months. Hey, I love my 3DS and the main reason I bought the system was to play Ocarina of Time, a game I never got to play in its first incarnation, but one that is widely regarded as the best game ever. And to me, yes, Ocarina of Time is the best video game that I have ever, ever played.

Now, since the late 1990’s I have not played much in the way of Zelda, let lone anything, but I am fast catching up with that now I have my new system. And more importantly, everytime I have a long train journey or some spare time (rare) I whip out my 3DS and start playing for all it is worth. And last month, I was engrossed in the Spirit Temple.

Now (not having completed the game yet), The Spirit Temple is not the hardest dungeon to complete. That of course is the famous Water Temple. I would not call it the most atmospheris dungeon in the game. That title would be reserved for the Shadow Temple, a dungeon that spooked the hell out of me!

But in terms of sheer beauty, elegant design and puzzle solving fun, I would rate the Spirit Temple as the best in the game thus far and the best temple in the Zelda Games that I have played up to this date. Everything abut it screams out *wow*! The symmetry of the temple perfectly divided between the portion that has to be done by Child Link and the portion to be completed by Adult Link. Having to get used to playing (well) as a Child again gets some getting used to and provides a fresh challenge for the thumbs. I also love solving the puzzles of the temple by using the Mirror Shield. It makes for a very atmospheric temple and the beauty of seeing the light bounce off the walls is divine.

Also, being set in a desert (and I love desert landscapes) I instantly have a bias to this temple. Wow, amazing, fun to play and it looks stunning (especially in 3D) I am almost sad that I have nearly completed the game. How will I spend my time in the future? Productively? And also, knowing Nintendo’s perfection strategy, it is going to be ages until a new Zelda game is released for the 3DS or whether Majora’s Mask will ever get the remake that Ocarina of Time did. Here is hoping. The least Nintendo could do is release the original Zelda on their e-Shop, but to be honest, their offerings can be pretty crap. Nintendo, why are you so reluctant to take my cash off me?

Anyway, all good things must come to an end, and subsequently, after defeating the Spirit Temple, I have only one thing left to do. And that is to face Ganon. Roll on my next long train or plane journey. I have a quest to complete 🙂


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