Film News for the end of Winter

So now Spring is upon us, it is time to look back at what has been happening over the past quarter of 2012:

Amigos-Amigos – My documentary film is still in the editing process. It is a question of finding time to get it done, but this week, I was bus editing it until other things cropped up. Damn nuisance.

Corporate Films – Being the beginning of the year, doing work for other people just has not happened. Never mind, I have been busy on a re-branding exercise and hopefully will be able to get a couple of customers during the year, as a nice way to supplement my income.

South of The River – This is where most of my time has gone. Pre-Production is about the least appealing part of the film making process. Correcting, re-correcting scripts, writing treatments and synopses, visions and all matter of bumpf really takes away from the joy of writing itself. Plus the endless meetings and discussions.

The Guru – The final ‘active’ part of my portfolio has been decidedly inactive recently. Nevertheless, I have been busy planning a summer slate for it. Not too many shorts, but enough to keep the project going. Plus applying to some funding bodies to expand the concept. Fingers crossed!



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4 responses to “Film News for the end of Winter

  1. Can’t wait to see Amigos Amigos!

  2. Could use some of your Guru’s latest wisdom nuggets. 😉

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