1001 Blog Posts!

Normally, the blogger would crow about doing his thousandth post. But of course, I am not your ordinary blogger, and instead of saying, hey look I have done 1,000 blpog posts on Wordpres, I instead decided to write a story, which is what I enjoy doing most…

Honestly, every time I reach a minor milestone such as these impossibly large numbers, I do often wonder what it is I have written. And I have done this before, on blogger and myspace. But, and this is unusual, this is the first time this blog is exclusively on one platform in ages. And so, as no better blogging platform exists, the 2,000th blog post may be coming sooner than I think. Then again, as I am only blogging three times a week at the moment, it may be an impossibly long time in the future…

So here are a random selection of five of my favourite blog posts (in no particular order) on this blog:

Europe’s Budget Airlines – I love air travel and geek in me loves all the logistics behind it. My rundown of the three budget airlines that I used last year was definitely amongst my geekiest moments on this blog.

Don’t f**k with the Sisko – Regular readers know that I am a DS9 fanboy. And I make no apologies for the fact. Read it and weep, Picard/Kirk lovers. Evidence that the internet is the best place to host arguments about the really insignificant matters.

Crossings of the River Thames – The Woolwich Ferry – While I have crossed London’s river numerous times, I always love taking the Ferry. Because it is the closest London gets to being a true water city. We under utilise our river, and we see it more as a barrier rather than a lifeline, a rather sad fact. But getting on the ferry (literally) gives a breath of fresh ir, and although it may not be London’s most iconic or beautiful crossing, it certainly is fun…

(There is a mission inside of me to one day transfer all the River Thames posts from Blogger to WordPress. Give me time…)

Charlie’s Holiday – The Best of BUSHO – It had been such a long time since I had gone to a festival, that when BUSHO accepted me, I was over the moon. Little did I know what an impact it was to make on my life, but such is fate’s fickle finger…

London Diary (all of them) – As evidenced by yesterday’s blog post, my thousandth blog post on WordPress. I love writing. And London Diary is pure catharsis for me. As I have mentioned beforehand, the London Diary loosely follows the characters from three films I have written. One of them, currently called South of the River is in Pre-Production, with some of the scenes to be shot in May. Oh yes, it is coming up that fast.

Not only does London Diary give me that sense of well being, it also really helps me flesh out the characters. Useful as a director as well, so I can guide the actor’s to portray the characters the way I really want them to…

So enjoy the stroll around my blog, and thank you for dropping in and taking a look. Apologies for being rusty on getting back to all your blogs, but Friday is normally my blog reading day. Kisses all around!



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2 responses to “1001 Blog Posts!

  1. I love “water cities” as you call them and my most memorable rides have been in ferries, perhaps because they are rare experiences nowadays.
    No apologies ever needed for not visiting blogs; we all have real lives outside of this wonderful virtual world. 🙂

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