Film Poster

Just to get me started, I have a new poster for the film. Well, actually, this poster has been in circulation amongst the production team for a while, but I think it is time to release it generally.

This will not be the final design for the poster. Hell, it is not even the final name – South of the River is very much a working title. Actually, at the production level, we are calling it Ritchie Fernando, after one of the characters, just because it is less of a mouthful. For applications to grants, permission letters to organisations and to the performers, we are calling it South of The River, because it sounds more artistic. And for the general public? Well, that is something we still have not finalised.

But one thing that is very much a part of this film, is the bilingual nature of it. South of The River is partly set in Poland and partly set in London, and also has two languages for the dialogue in the film, English and Polish. It is just the way the story rumbles, the way my imagination held itself in a thrall while writing the script, and the despair the production team has as we translate the script into two languages. Already, the Polish dialogues have been translated, but now it is to translate everything into Polish, so both sides of the linguistic divide can get an idea of what the hell is going on.

Unfortunately, I am not the translator. I have someone working very hard on this – and I feel the pain. Just inserting the translated bits into the script numbs my mind, but to translate, check, re-check fr mistakes takes precision and skill. I have no attention to detail, when it comes to the written word, so all my mistakes are there to air in public. A quick trawl through this blog reveals my awful spelling and grammar, so in a script, this is unforgiveable. For me, writing the script is quick, but proof reading and correcting the script takes ages.

But there is something exciting about making a film in two countries. Sure, the logistics are an absolute nightmare. And as a result, my brain really hurts with what to do and how to do it. But in the end, I have wanted to do this story for a very long time. A burning desire has been inside of me, and it is this desire that has led me to this bi-lingual production.

And yes, it is terrifying. Making a film is always scary, but to use two different languages, to shoot in two different countries and to shoot across two different cultures. This is going to be a huge challenge for me to accomplish.

So you can see why the blogging has been very patchy since the start of the year. It is why I have had to reduce my presence online. It is a simple reaction to actually getting things done. Sure, I still procrastinate, and forget things. But life, already busy, is about to get a whole lot busier. THose 10,000 hours are going to get achieved soon…



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6 responses to “Film Poster

  1. Mary

    Waiting patiently to see what happens next.

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  3. I love the dual nature of this film and love the poster. I didn’t know a film could have 2 titles for 2 different audiences. How about these other title suggestion: ‘duality’ or ‘two sides’ or ‘two cultures’ or ‘Polish and Angielski’.

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