Film lovin?


My goodness, it has been the most un-film like film week. For starters, I was not ding nythin creative. Instead I have been doing paperwork. First of all, dealing with the tax man (I am dormant – I have no cash!). THen doing grant applications and awriting summaries, treatments, character descriptions and organising an audition weekend.

When you make films, especially in the per-production stage there is very little creativity involved. Most of it is shuffling bits of paper back and forth, trying to make things more digestible.

And I have things to read myself. To friends have sent me their work to read, and I just have not had the time to do so. My last day off being nine days ago, and that was spent on a rail replacement bus to Whitstable!

So, as I finally finish all these applications, I will be able to (finally) free some time up to finish Amigos-Amigos and more importantly, to get on with the actual work of making a new film. Yes, this project has been in the planning stage since Autumn last year, and the script (now second draft) was finished at the beginning of the month. But, most of the time I have been spending dong the little, but essential things. Crossing the t’s and dotting the lower case j’s…

If anyone tells me that making a film is glamarous…grr…


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  1. You are one busy, busy bee! I admire your hard working nature. 🙂

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