What I want from the 3DS in 2012 and beyond…

I know many people will churn through video game systems like they are brands of cereals. But I am a tight wad, and for me, when I buy a system, I expect to get games for at least five years out of it. Maybe more. And while I love my 3DS, its software offerings have been sluggish. Nonetheless, there are fun releases coming up this year, and some promises of more to come. Here is a list (geek filled) of the games I would like to get in the next year or so…

The big three that I am looking at this year as follows. Kid Icarus Uprising, Heroes of Ruin (I could really regret buying that game for the amount of time it could take up from my life) and Professor Layton 5 (why isn’t it released now!). To be honest, I doubt that I will actually spend that much cash on games in the upcoming year, but it is nice to have a wishlist to aspire too…But one title I will definitely but will be Mariokart 7.

I played the original Mariokart on the SNES. And as I have not kept up with video games in the intervening years, I think now is as good a time as any to get that game. I also have loved ones who I need to convince about the goodness in video gaming. I believe Mariokart 7 will help with that quest…

There are other games that I am looking forward to. The ones that Nintendo have announced look great, but so far off into the future! Their new Zelda for the 3DS is something I may well camp outside Amazon’s warehouse for. Likewise I am looking forward to the new Mario adventure promised.

There are also a few releases that I would love to see on the 3DS but have so far not been announced in any official capacity or seem limited. Firstly, the Ambassador Games really should be made available for the general public to pay for. I would love to get my hands on the Minish Cap, Warioland 4, Kirby. Great titles, that I would happily pay for and are yet locked out of.

Also, I have to ask why Majora’s Mask is not being released for the 3DS. It would be such easy money for the game maker, but for now their focus is on other things. I will be blogging about Moonfall later…

I know that my selection of games may not be as widespread as some other choices. But I am not really into beat-em-ups or hardcore racing games. I like the games with a story…

One of the reason I got the 3DS was to take advantage of the DS’ back catalogue. And if there are cheap DS games available second hand, then I will certainly go out and get them. Sim City Creator DS – Actually, I am getting it. I found a second hand copy on the internet for less than a fiver. For me, I love the Sim City series, but the mixed reviews this particular title got meant I was not prepared to pay full price. But under £5 is a price I can live with.

New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 64 DS are other titles I will probably snap up later in the year or in 2013. Likewise the two Zelda games on the DS are offerings I will probably scour during the console’s lifetime.

Call me a geek…I wear that badge with pride!



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3 responses to “What I want from the 3DS in 2012 and beyond…

  1. I agree, the games should be around for at least 5 years. Hell, I still have my fist Nintendo Entertainment System I bought in 1985 and sometimes still play it 27 years later! So you go gammer geek! 🙂

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