My 3DS Games – A review

One month on from buying the 3DS, I have 6 games. Two were freebies, the rest bought. Those titles include Super Mario 3-D Land, Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3-D, Starfox 64 3-D, Kid Icarus, Zelda: Four Swords and Airport Mania: First Flight. Here is a quick skip through the games to see the high and lowlights of my gaming world. (I do have other gaming apps on the 3DS, but they came preloaded, I did not actively seek them out, so they are not included)

Super Mario 3D Land

I am a big fan of the Mario platformer games, but I have never tried my hand at the 3D games. So Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy remain tantalising promises of what happens if you get a console and attach it to a TV. So I was a bit hesitant about Super Mario 3D Land. But the reviews were good, and most importantly, it came bundled with my 3DS. So, I got it. And played with it.

Oh my goodness. What fun it is! Really, the only word to describe this game is fun. Whether you are new to Mario, have only experienced the 2D games like me or are a Mario-Pro, this game is simply addictive. And the difficulty settings are just perfect. Starting off easy, but getting well tricky towards the end. And it is perfectly designed for handheld gaming. With the levels short enough for quick burst of game play fun. I have never played a more perfectly designed hand held game. Thoroughly addictive and fun! Get it!

(A – Brilliant game with tons of replayability!)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3-D:

What happens if you take the greatest game of all time and convert it to the 3DS? Well, you get the best game on the 3DS. What else can I say about this game that has not been said already? And I make no apologies for being a Zelda fanboy, but it is games like this that make me so. I will do a proper review of the game when I complete it. At the moment I am readying myself to do the water temple

(A+ – As good as it gets!)

Starfox 64 3D:

I played the original Starfox (known as Starwing in the UK) on the SNES back in the 1990’s. A great shoot-em-up, with some flaws. Most tellingly, you could not save your progress. To complete the game, you had to do it in one sitting.

However, on the 3DS version, you have the save option. Plus, the 3D visuals. Wow! This has to be one of the most gorgeous games I have ever played. Combined with the addictive style of Starfox’s playability, this is a fantastic addition to my collection. I love it, but those gyro controls mean that I get well peeved off when playing this on the tube!

(B+ – Solid, good fun)

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition:

My least favourite game on the 3DS. Hey, I may well be a fanboy of Zelda, but if I do not like the game, then I do not like it. This is Zelda without the storyline. Slash, burn, chop, collect rupees and defeat bad guys. For what reason? Oh, and it is annoying having to control two Link’s at once.

But this is meant to be a multi-player title, and as I have no friends, I have only played this in single player mode. I think I would enjoy the game a lot more if I had buddies with the same gaming addiction as me. But, at least it was free!

(C – but have only played this in single player mode)

Kid Icarus 3D:

Ported from the original NES title, this old and incredibly hard game was a pain in the butt to play at first. But slowly, I am getting used to the controls, and while this is no the first title I turn to, I have begun to appreciate the game a bit more. Plus, I have to be honest it was a freebie, so I am not complaining!

(B- – Brutal difficulty level, but it was a freebie!)

Airport Mania: First Flight

This is a simple, App style game. Just like the smart phones around on the market, the 3DS has an App store. And I felt like a game that did not involve running, jumping and killing things in order to save the princess or something like that. So this was the perfect candidate. Plus, at £1.80, it was cheap enough to try. And, it is a lot of fun. It makes a change from the other games I have on my 3DS, and while it may b=not be for everyone, I find it a really fun game to play!

(B+ – A bargain game!)

So that is it. My games, and some potted reviews surrounding them. Join me tomorrow for one last geek fest of 3DS fun, as I go over what I want for my new piece of video game technology in the upcoming year!


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