Was this the most influencial headline in British History?

The conviction, yesterday, of Dobson and Norris for the death of Stephen Lawrence may not have happened if it was not for this headline in 1997. A death that changed the law and blown open the cosy complacency of the British Police.

If you do not know about the case, take a read of the above links. For me, I still cannot believe that 18 years after the crime, someone has been found guilty of it. It is a good thing that forensics have become so advance, but still a tragedy for the Lawrence family, that they had to endure so much just to get this…

And remember one thing, like the headline said. If the Daily Mail was incorrect, they have had 15 years to try and sue them…



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2 responses to “Was this the most influencial headline in British History?

  1. Don’t know much about this case. Do you think the change in the law regarding double jeopardy is good? What is/was the public reaction to this change?
    I don’t think removing double jeopardy law would go over well in the U.S.

    • I think, as is shown here and before the Lawrence case, that this new ruling was needed. The law was drafted well, that serious new evidence would have to be brought up for a retrial. As forensics have moved on since the Middle Ages when Double Jeopardy was first enforced, this is a positive step for justice.

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