Poland does not impress me…

This is my first J-Walking fine. Despite walking through the heavy handed police states of Singapore and the USA with impunity, it was some Little Stalin in Poznan that gave me my first mandate (her words, not mine) for crossing the road while the man was red.

Hell, I have even been to China and got in trouble with the Pakistan Secret Service. But I have never got a fine or a citation from the authorities until last week. Even the ones in the UK.

Yes, that is a whole 50Zl (around £10 in real money), and that tenner did not come easy to me.

Fed up, utterly peeved off, but that is my final flight for the year folks. Six trips, all of them short haul to Europe.

So what?

Well, I think a review of these flights is in order.

But you have been warned. Do not J-Walk in Poznan, especially if visiting there for Euro 2012.

I don’t think you understand how disturbed I am by Little Stalin and her fine. Bastards, all coppers are just little bastards. No matter where in the world they are.



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4 responses to “Poland does not impress me…

  1. Aww, this is so bad. I can tell this is very upsetting to you from the title of your post. Why didn’t she just give you a friendly warning, considering you are a foreigner there? These are the little things that travelers carrying with them in their memories, and you will always think of this when you think of Poland now – oh, if only she knew a little diplomacy. 😦
    But with time, eventually, I hope, you will not let this overshadow your great times in this country.

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  3. That really does, for want of a better word, ‘suck’…the cop should have given you a warning at most, not a fine. Euro 2012 here we come?

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