The Best Recurring Star Trek Characters

So who are they? In my opinion, the best of the sidekicks, you know, the guys who periodically reappear in their respective series, who enhance the regular cast, and without whom, the show would not be the same?

Well, to be honest, the list is dominated by recurring characters from The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, as, if you are looking for the best, then these two series were probably the best incarnations of Star Trek. And of course, I do have one hell of a bias towards DS9.

So witout further ado (and as it has been ages since I have done a Star Trek related blog post) here are my top five recurring characters from the world of Star Trek:

5) Rom

Rom started out as an idiot and never really lost that tag. But he grew. From Quark’s kid brother who was basically the punch bag, it was realised that he had a brain and also a personality that went beyond huh. Plus he also managed to marry Leeta – what more could could any side kick want?

4) Guinan

I loved Guinan. Her character really brought something special to the Enterprise-D, and whenever she was on the show, it became a memorable episode. From her words of foreboding when dealing with the Borg to her sense of altered reality, Guinan was a gift of a character.

She was also played by Whoopi Goldberg, who really is one of the finest actresses from Hollywood, and in my opinion, one of the most underrated talents from the film industry. Part of Guinan’s magic, came from Goldberg, who lit up the screen with her presence. Guinan may have only been a side kick, but her recurring moments made her one of the most memorable characters from Trek cannon.

3) Nog

If you had watched Emissary, then, you really did not have much hope for Nog. The dead beat son of Rom, whose first bit of onscreen presence was stealing some junk accompanied by an idiot.

But my oh my, what a difference seven seasons can make. By the end, he has grown into a minor Starfleet Officer (with the rank of Lieutenant) and was well on the way to making his way up the grease pole. More importantly, Nog’s character was central to one of the franchise’s finest offerings, It’s Only a Paper Moon. This episode along with its companion piece The Siege of AR-558, gave so much depth to Nog. A credit to DS9’s writers is that all the characters, even the minor ones and the villains, grew so much under their care.

The growth of Nog into a wonderful person is probably one of Star Trek’s most understated achievements and as part of the fantastic DS9 series is a metaphor for the DS9 series itself. An unsteady start, that slowly becomes more comfortable with itself before being able to strike out and stand above the rest.

2) Q

It was hard not to put Q at the top of the list. Maybe it is due to my DS9 bias, which I admit to. But also, to be honest, Q appeared in a lot of stinkers. For every Q Who there was unfortunately, Qpid. Well, at least Qpid gave us one of TNG’s most memorable quotes – you just have to love Worf!.

But the reason why Q is also rated so highly, is that some of the most memorable episodes involve Q. Plus, let us be honest, Q was a gift of a character – he is omnipitent – how cool is that!

Oh yes, whenever Q and Picard where on screen, the chemistry could be electric. I have already mentioned Q Who, but who can forget the series finale or the brilliant Tapestry, which has to be one of the finest installments in Star Trek? Q, for all his faults, and lousy episodes (for which there were plenty) was also a brilliant recurring character.

1) Martok

And so, my favourite, recurring character is Martok. And for one simple reason. Everytime he appeared on screen, you know there was a moment of cool about to happen.

And it did not begin promisingly for this character. Taken by the Dominion, the first time we see Martok, it is a Changeling! But he came back, first dishonoured, but in time he became the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. Trust me, any episode with Martok in it will make you smile. His on screen presence, the story lines that involved him, everything to do with General Martok was amazing. Everything he said was electric.

And if you want to see how cool Martok is, just take a peek here. Possibly one of the most memorable scenes from Star Trek, and he only says one word during the song. That is why he is cool and that is why, in my opinion, Martok is the best of Star Trek’s recurring characters.

But what do you guys think?



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2 responses to “The Best Recurring Star Trek Characters

  1. For all that I love space and technology I never got into the Star Trek series. But have seen all of the movies. I really love the movies. Maybe next time they run a Star Trek Marathon on TV I sit and watch them all.

    • I love most of the movies, except Star trek I (dull) and V (awful) and of course, everyone (including me) loves ‘Wrath of Khan’. I never got into a lot of the Star Trek episodes, but I make no apologies for being a DS9 whore!

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