My ears are…waxy!

So I got them syringed today. Not pleasant, not unpleasant, just had to be done.

Now I can hear, with perfect clarity, the women in my life, and the exact way they nag me.

Thank goodness for the NHS. Phoned them two weeks ago. Told them I had seen the doctor in the summer about it, and they said all right, how about Wed. I said, no can do, how about Fri. Good for all, done. And free!

All I had to do was get a £3 bottle of olive oil from the chemist and stick them in my ear last week.

Now I can hear with perfect clarity. Joy!

Enjoy your Friday…



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2 responses to “My ears are…waxy!

  1. Mary

    Yeah makes a hell of a lot of difference when all that wax gets shifted.

  2. What are you doing that is causing all the women to nag at you? If you stop being so naughty, they will stop nagging. Maybe :).

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