My Polish Interview!

As you know, I was at the Quest Europe Festival this year as a jury member.

And while I was there, I had two interviews on Polish TV. One of them you can see here:

Watch the interview by clicking here!

Yes, I do talk a lot! It was a great interview and thanks to the RTV Lubuska team and Agnieszka, the interviewer, who were really great to me and made me feel so comfortable. Almost too comfortable as can be seen by the amount I say 🙂

In the interview, I talk about my experiences at the festival as a jury member, the films I saw, my experiences as a film maker, what I think of Poland and also the influences on my own film making.

And I do talk about all of them in great detail. The Polish dubbing means that it is difficult to gauge what I say (unless you speak Polish) so I will give you the gist version.

First of all, I talk in great detail about the festival . What I saw, the breadth of the films but also in what I enjoyed in particular. In addition to the finalist films, I also saw a lot of ‘Out of Competition’ flicks during the festival.

Secondly, I talk about my own filming. I am asked about my own influences, and I cite my family as massive influences, in a very positive way. Coming from two big families, from two different countries gives me a lot of stories to draw upon and a wealth of possibilities to make movies from.

I also talk about ‘Caution Wet Paint‘ and Agnieszka makes the connection between me and a much more famous and amazing Charles Duke! I also talk about my film influences, in particular I talk of my favourite director, Mani Ratnam and a little about Indian Films.

Finally, I am asked a little about Poland, and what I thought of the Lubuska area, in particular my time in Zielona Gora. As you can see from my blog, I love it! A fascinating area, with a diverse and rich history to it, Lubuska is very much an underrated part of the world.

While I have had interviews before, this has to be the glossiest interview I have had to date! I am a struggling film maker, and very new in this cinematic journey. As a director, the nature of film itself means that the turnaround time for a project is not months but often years. Remember, I shot Jay and Kay Save the World in 2008 (released it in 2009) and still now, I am discussing it and it is still very relevant in my life and in what I do. It is still a part of my work along with other current projects and projects that will be done in the future.

Once again, I have to thank Agnieszka, the RTV Lubuska team and the people behind Quest Europe for organising the interview, and giving me a chance to express so much of my thoughts to a wider public. For that I am very grateful!

On another note, stick around on this blog. As you know, last month I talked about my great Euro Road Trip. Oh yes, that was only halfway, as I have so much more to tell you…


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  1. Way to go! That was a nice interview and it looks like the interviewer really enjoyed interviewing you as well. Yeah, you talked easily and looked really natural. That is the way it should be – relaxed and natural.

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