The Guru – The Student Returns

The Student Returns to the Guru, for more advice, a little older, but is she any wiser this time round?

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Part 2 to last week’s edition, this is possibly my favourite episode of the Guru series so far. It was fun to shoot, by that time both Marie Claire (the Student) and Sippy (my venerable Guru) had swung into their roles and it was a hell of a lot of fun to see the two go for it.

In fact, there seems to be a pattern developing here. When the ‘guest’ is some sort of caricature, the episode flows well, but when the guest is a normal guy off the street, the episode feels clumsy. Mmm, I think this may influence how my future Guru episodes are shot. Anyway, for now, I hope you enjoy this little titbit.


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One response to “The Guru – The Student Returns

  1. I like this student, each time she comes she goes away with free advice. She is a fiesty one, I love her cane-yielding. Loved the clips with your interactions, sort of like TV bloopers shown after TV series, takes one behind the scenes.

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