Zielona Gora – Official Quirks

Zielona Gora is a bit of a cultural hotbed. First of all it is in the wine growing region of Poland. So all around town you will see dedications to this particular industry. Apart from the big guy above, you normally see little gnomes getting very jolly on barrels of the stuff. Oh and there is a wine fest every September…the Polish and their gnome fetish!

And nearby in case you have been naughty during the wine fest, there is suitable punishment for you. Used by frustrated women on their partners due to the drunken hi-jinx during wine fest. All right, maybe ZG is bit of a town that loves it liquor!

Something a bit more Holy. This is the Cathedral. And remember, ZG was a part of Germany. On the side of the church is the inscription of te foundation stone is in German. The heritage of this town, wine making, stocks, churches, are unmistakably Western Europe, not Slavic. Like I mentioned last week, this part of Poland is a fascinating meld of people and culture of a former land now subsumed by a new entity. The tragedy of war and the dividend of the past twenty years of peace.

So there you have it, a small tour of Zielona Gora. Tomorrow I will take you on an unofficial tour of the city…to see what could be accurately termed the Unofficial Quirks.



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2 responses to “Zielona Gora – Official Quirks

  1. The guy in the 1st sculpture looks like he is happily drunk. Nice spotting the cathedral with the german inscriptions.

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