It’s different.


People from around the world.


It is tricky.

It is interesting.

Meeting people across different landscapes and languages.

Different moral codes, different ways of achieving the same goals.

One person’s poison another person’s pleasure.



It’s different.

It’s argumentative.

It’s negotiation.

Some people have a thick set view on the world.

Some have a more fluid reaction.

Some people are expert negotiators.

Others are expert planers.

Some panic about the melding of cultures.

Others embrace it.

Some worry about a future not already written.

They ‘plan’.

Some just allow the future to unfold and to react to situations as they come.

They ‘dream’.

In the end it is about discovery.

About finding out new things.

Some things you like.

Some things you don’t like.

It’s culture.

It’s life.




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2 responses to “Culture

  1. Great poem, Charles. I love how you embrace every person’s view and reaction to culture. Opinions and reactions – it is what it is. Best to live and let live!

  2. 7 billion of us. we all got to get along sometime 😉

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