More Good News Everyone!

Alongside Irfan and CWP, I have been busy with other projects. One that has slipped under the ‘professional radar’ is ‘Routine’, a 30 second short film shot in one afternoon.

Sippy (who stars in ‘Routine’ as well as ‘Irfan’) came up with the idea and it was suc a brilliant concept that I could not resist. And nor can the good people of East London, as this 30 second short is to screen at the Walthamstow Film Festival in September! I will get the dates to you as soon as I get it but here are a list of venues

And if you are out and about tonight, I should (technology willing) be on the Deep Fried Film Festival Website giving an interview at 7.30pm UK time (18:30 GMT).



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6 responses to “More Good News Everyone!

  1. Hey, would be brilliant to come to Walthamstow! Many congratulations!

  2. Mary

    Walthamstow definitely needs a film festival. Can’t wait to go.

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