At the Deep Fried Film Festival

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It was well worth heading up to Glasgow to watch the Deep Fried Film Festival which was held in Coatbridge. Now in its 6th year, this suburb of Glasgow was the first place in the UK that got to see CWP – Jay and Kay Save the World on the bigger screen!

(Bunny Rabbits in Coatbridge!)

And as it was my first visit to Glasgow, I thoroughly enjoyed the city. A fantastic place to be and I would take any excuse to head there again…

Now on Sunday, it is off to Poland for Quest Europe! A bit of deja vu, especially when compared to last year



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8 responses to “At the Deep Fried Film Festival

  1. Looks terrific! Nothing like a sojourn in bonny Scotland to revitalise the senses…

  2. Sounds like you’re going to have lots of fun. What good times. Enjoy yourself

  3. Thanks for linking that interview. So nice that you got interviewed. Glad you liked Glasgow – always nice to find a sweet part of your own UK. Cute bunnies too. 🙂

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