CWP in Glasgow this week!

Oh yes, I will be here, in Coatbridge on Thursday to see Jay and Kay Save the World’s UK cinematic debut. I am so looking forward to this, and anyone in the area, come, join me and have fun!

As for now, I am busy, there is a lot of things that a director has to do before heading off to Poland at the end of the week!

Caution Wet Paint: Jay and Kay Save the World:

UK Premiere at the Conforti Insitute, Coatbridge (Glasgow, Lanarkshire), 7pm August 18th!

More details about the festival here.

(Nearest Train Station – Whifflet – trains every half hour from Glasgow Central, journey time 30mins)



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5 responses to “CWP in Glasgow this week!

  1. Mary

    What a great name for a film festival!

  2. Almost time! 🙂 Don’t forget to take a voice recorder to record the audience’s responses.

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