I think the London riots are over…

…at least for now.

So we will have the usual political rhetoric, and wrangling. No surprise the police are using this as an excuse to keep their funding up. Politicians are loving this, forwarding their own peculiar thoughts on how the world should fit into their vision. And what’s even worse, their gimp-like-looking supporters walking next to them.

Newspapers have been condemning of finding excuses. More rhetoric. More bulls**t. And I mock my own armchair blogging.

People have lost a lot. And we are not talking about people who can afford to loose their lives. People living above burnt out shops, small businesses, individuals who have worked hard, have seen their lives turned upside down.

Some guys have won out of this. A new TV, some good shoes, a better phone for a few days until the phone gets locked up by the phone company. Hell, why not from their point of view. Everyone else is getting there’s, why not them. Except that they often hurt a lot of innocents on the way. I’ll shed no tears for the like of Tesco’s or Curry’s. After all, their insurance will take care of it. But for individuals, I have a lot of sympathy. In effect, all they have done to this point has been toasted…

And of course, people have died. What started out with the under reported death of Mark Duggan, has spread and now more families are now grieving. And these are normal, ordinary people. One officer firing two shots have kick started a week of flames. Or was just that simply the match to a very dry bed of tinder, always here in our society?

Al right, take a look at this. If there was one article out of the thousands of blogs and news bits written on the riots, this could be the most intelligent of the lot. A rare piece to find.


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One response to “I think the London riots are over…

  1. Glad it has quieted down now. My sympathies go to all of the victims. To live in fear of one’s own community or neighbours is a difficult life. Much psychological damage has been done and much trust has been lost. I wonder what the long term effects of mistrust and fear of one another will be within the community.

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