Them and Us – Policing the London Riots

Shepherd’s Bush, a tale of two cities.

Here was the police protection yesterday for the London Riots. First of all, the view from the fully open Westfield Shopping Centre, currently the country’s third largest shopping centre and home to some of the most upmarket brands you could think of such as Dior, De Beers, Gucci, Miu Miu and boutique cafe’s, bars and restaurants serving fine dining at fine prices…

Added to that there were barricades around the shopping centre, police dogs, and the officers themselves were stuffing their fat faces on the fast food from the shopping centre.

And here is the view one minute’s walk away on the subdued and shuttered Shepherd’s Bush Green, home to the not-so-famous brands such as Poundland, Rooster’s Chicken and Chips, Moko’s Pharmacy and the Cheap Nail and Hair Parlour along with a lot of coffee shops serving Arab, Turkish and East African Delights at low and more affordable prices…

And you really want to know why the police are so f**king despised…and their political masters to boot…



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4 responses to “Them and Us – Policing the London Riots

  1. A brilliant piece on a depressing phenomenon.

  2. Unfortunately, this happens everywhere and is not just a UK phenomenon. I wonder how politicians would explain this if asked why it is so?

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