Kids, eh? You got to love them! #londonriots

(meant to be published August 9th, but my browser sucks nuts…)

So it looks like London is brought to a standstill. Not by terrorists, or its own creaking infrastructure but by a bunch of children. Yep, Europe’s largest, and most important city is stopped in its tracks by a bunch of children aged roughly 10 to 18. That’s it, that is the reason behind the London riots. Free shoes and plasma screens. Oh, and you can play with matches too.

Anyone read Lord of the Flies? Yeah, that’s it basically.

Anyway, for tonight’s looting you can follow the action live on the interweb thingy here and here. These guys were far superior to the BBC who spent the night tut-tutting away.

And if you want to see where last night’s fun went on, here’s a map of the city, showing all the best bits.

Anyway, these kids are still stupid. If you’re dumb enough to steal, then make it worth your while. Target a bank or something, get real cash, not a shoe shop so you can get some new trainers. If you are going to get in trouble for all of this, make it worth your while. Idiots.

As this lady said, well, to be honest, she pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Don’t worry, these riots will be over in a week or so. What you are seeing happens every night across London. Gangs of kids terrorising local people. The only difference is that they have clocked on to the fact that they can do more damage in bigger groups.

And also, the police cannot handle them.

Think about it, say 2,000 children last night were mucking about. Now, even if all of them are arrested and charged, do you really think the justice system can actually cope with the sheer number of attendees in court and the subsequent jail terms? Or if not jail terms, then tagging units? Of course not! And these kids know that too. As long as they stick together in these numbers, nothing is going to happen to them.

So expect a couple more weeks of this, as of course, these kids aren’t scared after all. The lunatics are now running the asylum. No smacking allowed or whatever wishy-washy parenting is now practiced, they have not reached the age of criminal responsibility or something like that, and of course they have rights. And who wants a bet that these guys will get prosecuted for protecting their businesses?

I would laugh at all of this. Oh well, I am looking forward to another night of fun…



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2 responses to “Kids, eh? You got to love them! #londonriots

  1. Great post. Enjoyed your sarcasm and a bit of dark humour and your discussion of the frightening realities that has created these character traits in the youth.
    You wrote, “…reason behind the London riots. Free shoes and plasma screens. Oh, and you can play with matches too.” The matches part made me chukle and then the darkness of the humour stopped me quickly.
    Read that after much delay, the PM made the momentous decision to order the use of water canons to stop the rioting. This is appalling. Innocents are being hurt, civility has gone, anarchy runs wild, and the leader is afraid to use water on the perpetrators.
    Your commentary is spot on. The problems stem because civility and doing the right thing is less protected by law than anarchy and doing the wrong thing. Very sad commentary on society. How can it survive like this?

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