Memories of Nicktoons…I love Doug

I watched far too much TV when I was younger. That and video games. I suppose that is the symptom of the capitalist way. Stay indoors, panic and under the not-so-watchful eye of parents in the 1990’s, waste your childhood on electronic media. Oh, the memories…

So instead of getting drunk in a park, or trying to clamber round a building site, or hiding from police cars for doing dumb things, my summer days were spent watching cartoons on satellite TV.

Oh, the joys of Satellite TV. I remember the day when my dad walked into the house late from work and had a surprise in the boot. A satellite dish! The joy of it. And I did not spend my free summer days watching overrated sports nor watching bad movies that no one else wanted. No, I spent my summer days watching Nicktoons! In particular, I loved watching Doug. NOT DISNEY’S DOUG, but the original and best on Nickleodeon, that orange flavoured arm of the Viacom conglomerate.

Now you see, the key question to ask is this. Was that a childhood wasted or not? When I look back at Doug, I do not regret it, like I regret sitting through German classes. I may have a GCSE in the subject, but my German is limited to hi, bye, thanks and train. I spent a lot of time at school and left holding a clutch of certificates and have effectively not used any of the education that I have now.

But Doug, wow. To be honest, if you asked me to recall an episode, I would have a lot of difficulty doing so. Come on, this is TV, my brain has been warp=ed by the tin-pot screen. But the great thing about Doug, like most childhood memories that are fondly recalled is that it gave a glimpse into the adult world. Watching Doug felt like watching yourself. You empathised with his problems, because, he was you, he was me. What was happening to him happened to me. Awkwardness with girls, doing school that you did not really like, bullies, peer pressure, discovering new things of the adult world so long hidden from you by the protective blanket of childhood. All these things and more were seen through the eyes of Doug Funnie and his friends and family. It made for fascinating viewing, because, like many soap operas today make for compelling viewing, they are real to the person watching them. Doug, was, very real…

He was shy, funny, had a hidden talent, was overwhelmed by many thing he saw, was loyal to his friends, was fond of his family although he did not see eye to eye. For me and for probably many kids of the 1990’s, before the hard liquor, trouble with the cops and scrabbling round building sites took place, this was life. And we subscribed to him, every Saturday morning, when the hard liquor was not deforming my brain. Mmm, cartoons and liquor make up the bulk of my childhood memories. No wonder my generation and myself is in such trouble…

But to be honest, I left Doug behind a long time ago. Like many things from childhood, trying to get back into them now is trying to fit into your old favourite jacket from when you were eleven years old. It may be thought of as a good idea, but when push comes to shove, it is a terrible thing to harken back to a bygone age. Memories should remain just that. Great to dip your toe into, but utterly futile to relive it…

Intro Sequence to Doug, just to whet the memory cells…
Doug Intro (1991-1994) by TheBumperMan13


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  1. The past is just that, the past – gone and dead, with just a figment of memory left behind. Even that memory can be tricky, as it may only remember the good, or the bad, and not necessarily the whole experience.

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