The Real News

If you have been in the UK this week, the news has been unavoidable. The fallout from the News of the World phone hacking. It is big, but let us be honest, is it really that surprising? I probably have the same opinion as many others in the UK. If it involved the rich, famous and politicians, who cares? They are all in bed together. But the hacking of a murdered teenager, well, that’s sick. Let alone dead soldiers. And what is worrying is that it looks like the police was interlinked with the News of the World over the phone hacking…but again, is that surprising?

But after this storm passes, the real news this week was the fact that Energy Bills are rising. Yeah, this is a good time to bury bad news. And again, unsurprising…



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2 responses to “The Real News

  1. Sometimes I think a lot of the news is made up so our attention is diverted from other more serious issues that affect us. In America everyone is concentrating so much on the Caylee Anthony case that they are ignoring the serious issue of our country falling into default and not able to pay its bills come August 2nd. And that our gas prices have crept up almost 50 cents in just a few days.

  2. I am just as jaded with news, corruption, and ‘all in bed together’ stuff. Nothing surprises, and ‘who cares’ is the attitude I have towards news as well. There are three sets of law and order: one for the rich and famous, one for the middle class, and one for the ‘you look guilty because …. so you are guilty’ group.

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