Happy 1st Birthday Neptune!

Neptune’s orbit round the sun takes just under 165 Earth years. And it just happens that just under 165 Earth years ago, Neptune was discovered by us Earth based observers. In fact three Earthlings discovered our outermost planet, and the story is a fascinating one.

But such is length of the Neptunian year, that life here on Earth has changed beyond all recognition since it was discovered. Back in the 1840’s, slavery had only just been ‘abolished’ in the British Empire, and in fact the Europeans had only just started their century of brutality in Africa. There were no such things as aeroplanes, the internet and in fact mass media was a printed sheet sold by some kid shouting extra, extra! The fastest way to communicate was the new fangled invention of the Telegraph.

Anyway, here is a great article on the planet’s discovery, and Happy Birthday Neptune!



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2 responses to “Happy 1st Birthday Neptune!

  1. Lovely post that takes one down history’s lane. And such a humourously sarcastic way of laying out the bad stuff without mincing any words. You have the knack to do it. 🙂 Great video at that link.

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