The Motorbike Diaries – Summer 2011

I have done a lot of motorbike over the past day. Part of that is through necessity. Oh, what the hell, all of it was necessary. But compared to driving, it is just so much fun. The weather is nice, the traffic is relatively free flowing and why not, enjoy the ride?

A couple of months ago, I got my licence, but I have rarely been on the bike since then. Part of that is a petrol saving measure, but most of the time, it has been due to the fact that my little rust bucket has been on its last legs. I needed to get the sprocket and chain replaced, as well as adjusting my brakes. So I have not been as mobile as I could have been on the bike.

The worst thing was that after taking it to my friends garage to do the brakes (for free – genius!) my chain slipped off my bike. I managed to get it back on and rode slowly to another friend’s house where it sat before I took it for its MOT. I also got the chain and sprocket done. Sweet.

But life has been busy, and finding an excuse to ride until yesterday was hard. Basically, the bike had been on the drive, while other bits of life took over. But then, yesterday, the excuse came, and I was gone, like a mad dog, fifty miles under my belt, to that freeway in the sky


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One response to “The Motorbike Diaries – Summer 2011

  1. So great when life takes over and lets us do fun at the same time.
    A mad dog on a rusty bucket – that would be a unique title for something. 🙂 I love your English English (sounds more fun than British English), and the crazy descriptions you use.

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