– redux

As part of the busy times of the past week, I did a little redesign of my website. So do take a look at, tell me what is going on, how things are going on the site and take a good click at all the links – I hope they all work!

It is part of my organisation (some may also say procrastination) but I really need to update the news and going-ons of the past year. It has been a busy time and the tweaking of the website is part of that busy period!

You see, I can blog, almost everyday 😉



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5 responses to “ – redux

  1. Mary

    Love the new revamped website. All the links are working.

  2. I will check the website in the next couple of days when I will have more time and will let you know of any issues. The website loaded up fast enough, which is a good thing.
    I see, your blogging trick is to get us to work for you. Naughty, naughty! 😀

  3. @mary – cheers for that, it’s just a little tweaking here and there, but it needed a freshen up.

    @in every atom – it is called (ahem) delegation 😉

  4. Just found these two little things: 1) From tab “other projects”, it looks like Guru Episode 1 link is missing. 2) Links and contacts > caution wet paint > just a little typo on your banner announcing UK premier.
    It would be nice if you were to upload your interviews if available, under tab “media & interviews”. I like how you display the film festival selections in a “certificate-like” look, makes it easy on the eyes. The website has a unique visual appeal – fun, youthful, and island-ish. 🙂

    • Cheers for the gander. Ah, UK spelling, we are awkward over here (even though I am infamous for my typos!)

      I am trying to source my interviews and if I can gather as many of them as possible, I will put them up! They are a pain to find, but thank you for nudging me in that direction, I’m doing it now! And I have bunged a link to episode 1 of Guru!

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