Porto Airport – how it should be done

After complaining about Gatwick last week, I thought it was time to look at the other end and to have a look at, what in my opinion is probably one of Europe’s best airports. Seriously, I have done a lot of travel, and compared to anything I have seen in Europe, Porto Airport has to be one of the easiest travel gateways I have used worldwide!

It is a really new structure, I have no idea when it was built, but it was built to last. And cope with the crowds, all 5 million of them. Okay, this does not fall into the category of super busy that is any of London’s gateways, but it is the little things that matter, that make this a little more civilised than your average airport. Firstly, it is really easy to get to. The metro line pops into the airport itself, albeit infrequently, it does run at all times of the day. For the adventurous, there is also a city bus that takes you direct to Porto’s city centre.

But as I mentioned it is the little things. Do not get me wrong, the food is generally awful here (and overpriced) but that is to be expected, it is an airport. But those little things like clean toilets (simple, but usually a sticking point in many airports – CDG!) or free water, or even free wi-fi (and computer terminals!) They make life that little bit easier. Or music played in the departure lounge. Not tinny crap piped over the tannoy, but real, live music!

Civilised. And as an adieu to Porto, I have this to say. It has to be one of my favourite city’s in all of Europe. Really, I cannot recommend this city enough . If you find yourself with a few days to spare, jet in, enjoy the scenery, soak up the atmosphere, eat well, and relax in one of Europe’s better airports…



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3 responses to “Porto Airport – how it should be done

  1. Convenience, cleanliness, and relaxed atmosphere – these go a long ways in almost any place. But in an airport, these are priceless. And live acoustic music – Wow!

  2. Live music in an airport? Give that innovator a Nobel Prize! 😀

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